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Why Carrying Out a DNA Test on Your Dog is Important?

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Pet DNA testing is gaining popularity among pet owners in different parts of the world.

This may sound a little more cliché, but carrying out this test helps dog owners to better understand their dogs, especially if they have any medical history.

This information usually comes in handy during the breeding process. 

The DNA testing process at Orivet most often covers two major areas; one which has to do with the identification of their breed and the probability of them suffering from some diseases in the future.

As a parent, knowing all these details is important and will provide deep insight to raising the dog well.

Here are some advantages of doing a dog DNA test.

Why do dog owners run a DNA test on their dogs?

DNA tests are essential as they help dog owners to comprehend the genetics of their dogs. Carrying out a DNA test enables the owner to know if their pet could be exposed to specific conditions or if the genes they have are hereditary if breeding is carried out on them.

Know their genes

For dog owners who are thinking of creating new breeds from their dogs, having detailed knowledge about their genes can aid in minimizing the risk of producing puppies that suffer from genetic illnesses.

Knowing if the dog suffers from a specific disease that originates from their gene is important as it provides an insight into the type of breeding partner to choose when it is time.

Which DNA tests should I run?

It is also essential to investigate which health tests and screening methods match the breed. Get in contact with Orivet to find out the best DNA tests for the dog and get reliable information about the Dog’s genes and breeding.

The provided information will guide the dog owner on the dos and don’ts concerning their breed. 

How to DNA test your dog

The DNA testing procedure is quite easy as all that is required is a mouth swab taken from the dog’s mouth, though most often it is taken from their cheek.

In some other cases, the DNA testing may need a professional to collect the dog’s blood sample which is kind of rare.

Find a dog’s DNA test results

Dog owners can trace the history of the dog they want to get using the health test results finder at which Orivet. All test results and DNA records are always documented plus the methods used to carry out the test for future reference.

A list that contains dogs that are healthy or infected is documented and stored in different databases depending on the breeds.

Understand dog needs

Another major benefit of carrying out a DNA test on one’s dog pet is, it helps their owners to understand their needs especially when it comes to food.

This will include what they like and dislike and if they will have an allergic reaction to certain foods. As a parent, no one would love their pet getting sick because they fed them with something they are allergic to.

Hence one will the best foods to give their pets so they grow strong and healthy at all times.

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