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Why Labrador Retrievers Are the Most Popular Dogs in the USA?

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Everyone loves Labrador retrievers because they are cute, active, and fun to play with. In fact, Labrador retrievers are the most popular dog breed in the USA, and if you are out on a stroll or just taking a walk in the park, you are likely to come across at least one of them.

A Labrador retriever is considered a great family dog, and if you are planning to adopt one, you won’t regret it. They are great with children, and it won’t take them much time to become their best friends.

You can also take them hunting or exploring as they make a great companion for adventures.

There are around 200 dog breeds globally, which makes you wonder what makes Labrador retrievers so special. It could have something to do with how trainable, lovely, and playful these dogs are, or it could be something special about this breed.

In this article, I have mentioned a few of the main reasons why Labrador retrievers have become the favorite American dog breed. Let’s take a look:

Intelligent and Trainable

One of the major reasons people prefer Labrador retrievers over other breeds is that they are quite intelligent and easily trainable. They want to keep their owners happy and are always ready to follow their commands.

Unlike other breeds, it is rare for Labrador retrievers to resist training or to refuse to learn something. As long as you are taking the right approach, you will be able to train them quickly and without facing any hurdles.

They are extremely loyal and will never hesitate to take cues from you. They will go out for a walk with you, and they will also cuddle up with you in the bed if you need a quiet weekend.

Life Expectancy 

When you adopt a dog, you instantly develop an attachment with them, and as time passes, they become a permanent part of your family.

One great thing about Labrador retrievers is that they have a longer lifespan than most of the breeds out there. A Labrador retriever can live for 10 to 12 years which is considered a very healthy lifespan for dog species.

However, it is vital that you take good care of them and feed them the right diet. Take them to a vet regularly and make sure that you are giving them a nutritious and healthy diet.  

Easy Grooming

If you already own a dog or cat, you must know how expensive the grooming costs can get. It is vital for you to take good care of your pet and maintain their hygiene, but taking them to a groomer can cost you a significant amount of money.

Luckily, if you own a Labrador retriever, you won’t have to visit the groomer often. You can groom your Labrador retriever yourself at home, and even if you have to take him to a groomer, you won’t be making as many trips as you would be making with a Shitszu or any other dog.

Child Friendly

If you have little kids at home and are worried about whether having a dog around them is safe or not, then you can consider adopting a Labrador retriever. Out of all the dog breeds out there, Labrador retrievers are the friendliest with children.

They will become friends with your child immediately and accompany them during playtime. They are considered affectionate and would never hurt the children.  However, even though Labrador retrievers are very friendly and safe, you must not leave them around very young children unsupervised.


If you are planning to buy a Labrador retriever from a pet shop, you will have to pay decent money just like you would pay for any other puppy.

However, you don’t necessarily need to pay a pet shop to adopt a Labrador retriever. You can simply go to a shelter house and can adopt a Labrador retriever from there for around $150-$200.

All you need to do is find the nearest shelter to your home, and you are almost guaranteed to find a few Labrador retrievers there.

You also won’t have to worry about any extra expenses because most dogs in shelter homes are neutered or spayed.

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