Why We Love These Action Cameras (and You Should, Too!)

Action Cameras

Whether you are sure or not but if the thought of buying an ‘action cameras’ is approaching your mind then you are at the right place! It may be your hiking trip or an official tour you will be captivated with the belonging features these cameras are prolonged with.

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Long battery life, durability, ease of use, accessible storage are all that makes action cameras worth a buy.

What is an Action Cameras?

An action camera or action-cam is a digital camera designed for filming action while being immersed in it. Action cameras are therefore typically compact and rugged, and waterproof at the surface.

They usually record video as a priority over stills, as this allows continuous capture of the action without having to interact with the camera or indeed removing it from its housing if an additional protective housing is used. Most records on a micro SD card, and have a Micro-USB connector.

Action cameras are associated with outdoor sports, and, often attached to helmets, surfboards or handlebars, are an integral part of many extreme sports such as base jumping and wing suit flying.

Sometimes several cameras are used to capture particular perspectives, such as a helmet camera that sees the point of view of time actor in combination with a second camera attached to the environment of the rider, such as a board, wing, handlebar or wrist, that looks back onto the rider and records his reactions.

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GoPro Hero 5 Black 12 MP 4K Action Camera

Stylish and the most powerful of the GoPro Series Hero Black 5 has created a market that is appreciable regarding technical gadgets.

GoPro Hero Black5, priced at $349 is the best action camera 2017 with series of black5, session5 & session. It comes with the 2-inch touch display, changing settings and edits on footage will not be tough enough as it provides the simplicity of touch.

Waterproof up to 33ft (10m) without a worry, Voice Control command that gives a handy tool to carry around and the Single button for power, shutter, time lapse and automatic photos. The Video recording is stunningly smooth taken to be wide – angled 4k quality.

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Polaroid Cube HD 1080p Mini Action Camera

Polaroid Cube HD 1080p Mini Action Camera

The most ultra small lightweight action cam(35mm) designed to take the little’s of the life creation is not any less in specs, unlike its size.

At the bottom, it has a magnet that gets attached to any metal surface making it easy to use and the camera resolution that is 1080p. It has 124° wide – angle lens for a bigger shot in the picture; battery is inbuilt that records up to 90 mins.

It also supports a micro-SD card of 32GB for its storage.This is now discontinued by manufacter but you can still get it on Amazon. Priced at $66, this is World’s Funnest, Cutest Lifestyle Action Camera in Tiny Cubic Package.

Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 4K Action Camera HD

Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 4K Action Camera HD

The Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 is a successful launch of the Garmin series after its VIRB XE. It has transformed a few features that are the Video recording resolution of 4K.

It comes with a waterproof case and remains dry up till 40m depth; the battery is removable of power 1250mAh that last up to 3 hours with continuous shots and capturing.

Now that is not just what it specifies, and it too comes with Voice control that makes it more reliable and efficient to manage with distance. Priced at $399, this is the best action camera 4k with 1.75-inch touchscreen display.

HTC RE 16 MP Waterproof Digital Camera

HTC introduced its first standalone camera last year as the HTC RE which is a remarkable approach towards the future of action cameras.

It has 146° wide angle lenses that capture everything without any disturbances. HTC RE 16 MP Waterproof Digital Camera priced at $55 is cheapest action camera and small & compact, easy to handle that you can use without to think about.

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Taking down shots and videos and instantly get the cam connected to your phone so that you can see through all at that very moment. No more fumbling between the modes as it gives one single button to take snaps and clicks.

At the bottom of the camera, you will find micro-SD slot with up to 128GB storage adaptable and a charging port to connect the USB.

Veho Muvi K-Series K-2 MP Action Camera

Now this one is an affordable one, taking a look at the price and the features it provides are unique.

A tiny 1080p camera sits inside the robust cladding, and its general fit and finish are as impressive as the rest of the package. The K2 is waterproof up to 100m, which is much deeper than the others.

It comes bundled up with 8GB micro-SD storage inside and a built-in WiFi feature to connect photos on your smartphone directly. Wi-Fi enabled app to allow wireless streaming & remote recording.

The control of the camera is handled with three main buttons at the top and front which can be a little tricky to use. Priced at $199 this is better camera like GoPro but cheaper.