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Why You Should Use a VPN If You Live In Canada?

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Do you have plans of migrating to Canada anytime soon? Canada is a beautiful country as we all know and it offers a lot of opportunities.

You probably think that such a peaceful nation should ever pose any problems for those who want to access the internet. Well, let me bust your bubble because browsing the web north of the border may not be as secure and private as one might have thought.

For those who are not aware of this, Canada is a member of the Five Eyes Intelligence Alliance (FVEY). Five Eyes is an intelligence alliance that was founded a long time ago after World War 2. This alliance remained hidden from the public until 2005.

They gained more notoriety and infamy after Edward Snowden leaked several; highly classified documents exposing contentious surveillance practices being run by the Five Eyes and NSA.

As a member of the Five Eye Alliance, Canada is very strict with surveillance, particularly online. Using a VPN should help you to cover up your tracks online. And you need a VPN if you are living in Canada because the risk of having your activities monitored is very high.

VPNs will enable you to keep your connection private, IP address will become anonymous, and your data will become secure. They will also allow you to access pages that are geo-blocked. There are a lot of websites that are blocked in Canada but using a VPN will allow users to gain access to them.

Let us talk about other reasons why Canadians use a VPN when browsing the internet?

Download Torrents Files Anonymously

Torrenting is a ‘file-sharing protocol’ that operates on peer-to-peer technology. It is convenient and a way of downloading and sharing files, but it’s also controversial.

Canada has stringent laws against Torrenting, and anyone who gets caught in the act will be fined and punished. Using a VPN enables Canadians to torrent files anonymously.

Keeps Connections Private

Maintaining a private connection on the internet is one of the reasons why using a VPN is necessary for Canada. VPNs act mostly as Cyber security tools that mean they can protect a user’s web data and traffic from prying eyes. VPNs can also keep users safe from possible cyber-attacks and hacks, especially when you are connecting to public Wi-Fi hotspots.

Access to Geo-restricted Video Channels

Canada may be in the same continent as the United States, but that does not mean they enjoy the same content that their neighbours are experiencing. A lot of Canadians use VPNs so that they can have access channels like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Go.

All these channels are restricted, but with the aid of a VPN, you can be able to bypass the restrictions by providing users with a US-based IP address.

Get Pass Blackout Restrictions

Sports fans who follow their teams each season hates it when their favourite team games are blacked out in their area. Living in Canada means fans will be subjected to a ton of blackouts.

They use VPNs to counter this blackout so that they can watch NHL, MLB, and NBA games. The best VPN providers have a big list of servers to choose from. Large countries like Canada will usually have more than one server to connect to.

Channels like that of Sportsnet sometimes disclose how some NHL games are blacked out in some parts of Canada. All one has to do is correct to a server wherever the games are being broadcasted, and then you can be able to watch your favourite team without any hassle.

Enjoy Anonymous Web Surfing

Ever since documents were leaked by Edward Snowden that exposed the clandestine and controversial surveillance operations that the US government has been carrying out on its citizens, residents of Canada have also shown their concern regarding their privacy online. This will not be the case whenever you are using VPN to surf the web.

VPNs enable you to gain access to the internet and limit the amount of data that is being collected by your ISP (internet service providers) and the government. With this, you can surf the internet without worrying about your information and activities being monitored.

In Conclusion

Living in a country that is parts of the Five Eyes Alliance can be intimidating because of the power they have over some government entities and services. But with the help of VPNs, you will be able to keep your activities anonymous and restrict the amount of data the government and your ISP can gather.

ExpressVPN Canada servers help the people that are north of the border to browse the internet without any fear of having their every move monitored.

Let us hear your thoughts on this by using the comments section below.

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