Why Your Cat Maybe Acting Crazy at Night?

Crazy cat

Has your cat gone hyper? Have you noticed the furry guy acting extra energetic at night, running around and singing a lot of cat songs when you need some peace?

This craziness your cat exhibits might have come as a surprise mainly because reading this animal’s body language is no walk in the park as it is in the case of dogs.

If this unexpected cat behaviour bothers you, there are a few reasons that might explain the behaviour.

The differences between cat and dog communication behaviours

People over the years have spent time learning the behaviour of man’s best friend, training it, teaching it, and trying to understand it. This teaching and learning process between man and dogs has been going on pretty well, and we can proudly say dogs are easy to train and it is easy to understand them.

When it comes to cats, however, we can’t say the same. It is almost difficult or impossible to find a person who understands basic cat instincts the way even kids understand primary dog expression.

One reason why dogs are easier to figure out is that they have very expressive faces and readable body languages. A tail wag, the different sound they make that reflects their mood, their ability to follow simple commands made by their owners makes them easy to understand.

On the other hand, our feline pets are famous for being vague in expression and somewhat standoffish behaviour. However, there is a gradually growing to believe amongst pet owners that kitties are just as expressive as their canine counterparts, but we just haven’t figured out how to understand their expressions and their methods of communication.

Every meow your cat makes, every tail wave, every purr, every howl, and even blinks for your cat is a way of the animal trying to communicate with you.

For all the pet owners who are making attempts to communicate with their felines, there just might be a lot they will learn in the long run that will help them interact with these furry fellows better.

Because cats are very independent creatures, they are often easily misunderstood, but that doesn’t mean you can’t figure out why your cat has suddenly become hyperactive at night.

Cats gone wild

No matter what breed your cat is, every cat has a moment when it gets in the spirit to run across rooms, behave as if they were being chased by an enemy and they needed to escape for dear life, and also meow like they are trying hard to make a good impression at a karaoke night performance.

They continue this weird behaviour with so much burst of energy, and then they stop all of a sudden. This sudden wildness in practice is sometimes called the midnight crazies especially when it occurs during the night time.

Your pet can decide to jump on your bed or touch you in different ways just to make sure you have as much fun as they are having. The reason why your cat behaves in such an amusing yet annoying way varies.

Predatory instinct

All cats are created as predators which means the predatory instinct is very healthy and domestic cats are allowed to exhibit it. When they start to act crazy sometimes, it could be a sign that they are practising hunting characters, escape techniques, and fighting skills.

Because domestic felines do not have to hunt for their food, they look for other ways to exert their excess energy and oft is most times in the form of this sudden crazy character.

If your cats do not spend time outside the house, it will help you get them toys like Lazer pointers, mouse, feather wands, and other those that encourage them to chase and run around so that they can use up the excess energy.

Nocturnal instinct

Another possible reason why your cat might be acting crazy at night is that cats are naturally nocturnal creatures and the night is when they are most active and eager to scout for things to keep them busy. If your feline pet doesn’t get enough exercise during the day, it will most likely become lazy.

The fact of the matter is that many domestic cats are left at home bored and alone while their owner at away working, thus when their owner returns they get in the mood to play with them and use up their piled up energy.

If they do not get enough play time, they could go crazy and run around, meow uncontrollably, and even scatter the place at night. Kitten are usually more energetic and attention seeking as much as they also exhibit characters that depict independence.


If your pet is an old cat, there is a possibility that its brain is beginning to act differently with age. Older cats sometimes suffer from cognitive dysfunction or salinity.

When older cats start to exhibit such strange character, it is best to take them to a vet immediately so you can find out what exactly is going on with them and how to help them get better.


Fleas are bugs and what bugs do is to bug other creatures including cats. Whenever you notice your feline running up and down the house and behaving as if it is bitten by something, there is a high chance that it is bothered by fleas.

Most times when thought cat is itchy in a place where it can’t reach, it will run around and meow till it finds a way to scratch the area. Your cat could also be super sensitive to bites which is why it is vital that you treat every pet that has fur with products that are created to eliminate bugs from their bodies.

Make sure to clean your environment thoroughly whenever you feel fleas are responsible for your cat’s behaviour. Once the insects are removed, you will notice your cat starts behaving normally.

Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome (FHS)

Although this is a rear condition, Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome is a likely reason why your cat is acting crazy.

If you notice that the skin on your cat’s back is rippling while it runs, or if your cat frequently bites above its tail when you already treated for files then you need to discuss with your vet about Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome.

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