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Will Your Uber Clone App Work in the Market? Ask the Experts!

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Getting late for a meeting – book an Uber
Wanna visit the old city – book an Uber

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Whatever might be the reason, from visiting a friends house to getting back home late from your office. Uber rides have become an integral part of every individual’s life, so is the brand Uber has become a benchmark for all the newbie entrepreneurs aiming to create a business like it.

Yes, I am talking about the Uber clone apps that are trending in the market and how this craze of getting success by creating clones have reached its pinnacle.

But will just by creating an Uber-like app bring success to you? Let’s know what experts in the industry have to say!

According to one of the experts, a person who has worked for more than 15 years in the industry and has lead many app-development companies,

“A clone or a copy doesn’t work the same for every company. The world is full of competition, you can not gain success if you don’t have anything unique about your product, so even after you create a clone, you have to give your customers something that doesn’t exist”

Ohh, Words of Wisdom…Right?

Yes, the experts ask all the new members in the tech industry to think out of the box. Creating a clone will make your work easy but will not assure you of the success you desire.

So let’s first know why is Uber successful and why creating a clone is the first step towards success?

Reasons why Uber is successful

Solved a real-life problem

Giving the service as a solution to real-life problems that people face is the new business strategy that the business owners are focusing on. Uber by adopting the policy of solution-oriented services has made a benchmark in the area on its own.

Its on-demand app feature and service has made intercity and intracity travelling easy for the people, as they no more need to rush for the trains or the public transport and get their ride ready anytime with just a few clicks.


Continuous up-gradation of the services

Building an app is indeed a hard task, but sustaining it in the market for a long time is harder. You have to take care that people don’t lose interest in your product and start moving to other services in your niche.

Keeping this in mind, Uber has made a continuous effort to keep its audience engaged by offering them perks or by just adding some cool new features that can grab their attention and can also make the service more user friendly for its customers.

Valued their customers and drivers

Apart from updating their app or service, the next and the best thing that the company focused on its customer experience. From getting reviews and feedbacks to helping them with the chatbots with a help section, Uber made its best try to hear back from their customers.

Whether it was for complaining about a bad ride or for praising them for the best service that they provide, listening to them and getting back with a solution is what they offer as an experience to the users.

The next thing that Uber gives importance is their driver-partners who make this on-demand service workable all around the world. It appraises them with the rewards and awards and also takes care of their needs once they are associated with the brand.


Technology is an aspect that has to be chosen very carefully when you are inventing something. While developing the app for the ride-hailing business, Uber has covered every possible tech feature that can help its customer as well as the driver.

The app is scalable and can work on both Apple and Android devices. Keeping in mind the futuristic technology stack, it has added features like GPS tracking and finding the fastest driver that can reach the location to serve the customer.

By mining the collected data, Uber is also currently working on its algorithm to predict the users and the drivers that will use the service within a particular period.

So now when you are aware of the reasons behind the Uber’s success, let’s quickly look through the benefits that you can market by Uber clone app development.

Business Perspective of creating an Uber clone.

You might be planning to create an app like Uber if you have any current business running in the taxi services if I am right, creating an app can boost your taxi business like anything. Know the benefits…

  • Creating an online portal will make it easy for you to manage the supply and demand ratio just by sitting in your room.
  • Following Uber’s efficient business model, you don’t need to invest in buying your own vehicles and getting drivers
  • The GPS tracking features helps you know the real-time location of your drivers and vehicles to keep you updated about each movement
  • You will get a commission for each successful ride even without investing.
  • Uber’s cost per kilometre payment model can help the owners get a fixed amount for the rides without compromising any money for the service that they provide.

Summing up

Referring to the existing successful ideas or creating a copy of the same can bring in a lot of money to you, but as we already discussed, just by taking up the ready to use code scripts will not make you a brand.

Apart from this, Uber-like app has already established itself as a brand so if you are thinking to give a competition to it, you really need to think a little harder to add-on something that the app doesn’t have.

But once you cross this harder phase of innovation into existing things, your company could be the next brand earning billions.

So start thinking if you really wish to mark a thumbprint in the industry with the Uber-like services.

Author Bio:

James Vargas is an experienced business expert, business growth consultant, and manager at Get Everything Delivered, a business consultancy service. He has 1.5-decade corporate experience and is tailoring the best project delivery practices to the start-up owners based on his knowledge to generate great revenue for their business.

Kingsley Felixhttps://kraftysprouts.media
Based in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. I am the founder of Krafty Sprouts Media, LLC (US), i make sure thing run smoothly and well organized in our organization. Follow me on my social media platforms.
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