Wiz Khalifa Net Worth and Biography

Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa is a rapper, songwriter, actor, and he does some singing as well. Wiz was born in Pennsylvania but when he was young, he lived in many different countries including Germany and Japan. He grew up in a military family.

He came back to the United States and released his first album called Show and Prove. Fans start to take notice of this music and it soon became a hit. This was back in 2006. Since that time Wiz has enjoyed a great deal of success.

In 2018, it was reported that he had a net worth of $45 million. This number makes him one of the top 50 richest rappers in all of the world.

His Success Led to Fortune

Wiz Khalifa was signed by Rostrum Records when he was 16 years old. His talent led to the release of several mixtapes. In 2007 he was signed to a record deal with Warner Bros. He was featured on tracks with other artists which helped him build up a fan base.

In 2009, he re-joined Rostrum Records and put out some music. In 2010, he was then signed with Atlantic Records and continued to be featured on tracks with other artists. He was able to build up an even bigger fan base.

He finally released his own single called Black and Yellow. This song was featured on the Billboard Top 100. This got his rap career in full swing and lead up to his empire of $45 million.

Hit Songs

Wiz Khalifa has released a number of hit songs. These songs helped make his career. They include;

  • Show and Prove
  • Rolling Papers
  • Deal or No Deal

These are three of the hit songs that he has released. There are many others that have made the charts and he has been featured on a number of songs with other artists.

Other Income

Selling albums is not the only source of income that Wiz Khalifa has. He has other ways to use his name in order to make money and to increase his income.


Wiz Khalifa owns his own YouTube channel. He posts videos, interviews, and other exclusive content on this channel. This allows him to connect with fans and to also build an even bigger fan base.

This allows him to increase his popularity in the music industry. He is also able to make money from companies that sponsor this channel. When they show this ad on this channel, Wiz gets paid.


Wiz works with famous companies and talks about their product. He does commercials for these companies and makes a good deal of money promoting these products.


Wiz Khalifa not only sells the products of other companies, but he also develops and sells his own lines as well. He has this merchandise sold online and they can be purchased on well-known platforms including Amazon. This allows him to reach out to fans all over the world.

He has income coming in from movies and his brand. It does not appear that he has any hidden income. When asked Wiz had not problems disclosing how he makes his money. He is open about everything. This will keep him out of trouble.

Wiz Khalifa Reaching Success

Wiz has been working since the age of 16, but it is not music alone that helped him make millions. He success began when he released the song Black and Yellow.

This was the first time that he got a taste of fame. It took several years to get noticed and to stand out from all of the other rappers trying to make it big.

Wiz knew he had the talent, but he had to be willing to change the way he viewed things and face challenges head-on in order to survive in the music business. The wait was well worth it. Making $46 million dollars doing something that you love is worth the wait.

Wiz Khalifa may have made a fortune, but he is not willing to slow down anytime soon. Wiz is going to continue to make his music and work with other artists. He is an inspiration to young rappers out there that are looking to share their music with the world.

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