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Wizkid Is a Deadbeat Dad Says Baby Mama

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There appears to be trouble in paradise for superstar singer Wizzy as he gets attacked by not one, but two of his baby mama’s with accusations of being a terrible father to his children and owing a considerable amount of money in child support.


Just a few days ago, Wizkid took to social media to share with his fans that he would be using his share from the Nike deal to build schools across Africa starting from his home city Lagos. While fans were celebrating the initiative and singing the singers praises his baby mamas didn’t find it funny or even welcome the development because they thought it was a hypocritical move.

Wizkid’s ex-girlfriend and baby mama Shola Ogudu who is the mother to his first son Boluwatife Balogun wrote  a post for the fans and lovers of the singer saying they should “advice your fav artiste ‘to start by paying his children’s school fees before building schools for the masses, as charity they say begins at home.’”

While people are used to Shola Ogudu shading the singer on social media and complaining about how much of a deadbeat dad he is to his son, Binta Diallo, Wizkid’s second baby mama has come up with legal proofs that the singer really isn’t living up to expectations as a father to her son.

Binta Diallo had complained on Instagram last week that she had been taking care of her son all by herself when it comes to payment of school fees, nanny bills, and everything financial that concerns the little boy.

She wrote: “I am a single mom, I work my ass off and I pay for everything, imagine if someone was paying for my son’s school fees, nanny, and paying the bills.”

to back up her claims, Diallo shared images of documents of an agreement between the singer’s lawyer and hers with proof that Wizkid owes $18000 in child support despite having agreed for a long time to pay.

Binta said: “This is some of the agreements/settlements that was provided by both of our lawyers who were supposed to be resolved outside court by February 2018.”

“I didn’t sue him or take the case to court because some of his family members begged not to and said that wiz himself want to settle everything with the lawyers without involving the courts because he didn’t want to get in trouble with immigration.”

“So I listened and accepted that deal and gave him a chance to do the right thing. That was 7mths ago, and since then his lawyers keep telling my lawyers that they have not been able to reach their client or his management team. #more receipts on the way.”


On her Instagram Live, Ms Diallo also accused Star boy of paying the bills of other people’s kids, even describing him as a “deadbeat dad”.

This just goes to prove that Shola Ogudu isn’t precisely an attention seeker as many people have believed her to be over the years. What remains a question is why Wizkid has chosen to abandon his responsibilities as a parent to his children despite his recently successful musical career. The singer is yet to comment on the situation and is still bent on pushing through with his plans to provide free and quality education for children in different parts of Africa.


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