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25 Wooden Driveway Gates Ideas to Try

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Wooden driveway gates are the pinnacle of safety, sophistication, and style. Installing driveway gates is a requirement for every homeowner who wants their home to be as secure as possible.

With countless driveway gate designs available today, you can always find one that will make your house stand out.

Below are 25 different types of wooden driveway gates that you may find interesting:

1. Minimalist wooden driveway gate design

Let us start with these naturally modern, minimalist wooden gates. This gate has a sliding design that complements the surrounding environment, which is densely forested.

This type of wooden driveway gate is one of the most popular due to its appeal. But that’s not all; this wooden gate is easy to build and saves a lot of room in your front yard.

2. Seamless wooden driveway gate design

While it may have a basic appearance, the seamless wooden driveway gate will do wonders in the appearance of your home. It’s a simple sliding gate that doesn’t need much effort to construct.

The gate is a lovely blend of natural and sophisticated design. Who wouldn’t want that?

3. White-washed wooden driveway gate design

The white-washed wooden driveway gate defines class and attraction. The thin wood timbers that are placed inside the black steel frame are incredibly creative.

The gate’s beauty is further enhanced by its surrounding area, which is also built of wood in a similar finish. This is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after wooden driveway gate designs.

4. Pergola wooden driveway gate

Many homeowners choose a pergola driveway gate as one of their favorite options for securing their property. The pergola complements the modest wooden driveway gate, which is quite lovely.

This type of fence will add a beautiful Asian touch to your home while also providing excellent security.

5. Mid-century wooden driveway gate design

The distinctive mid-century wooden driveway gate will provide a unique touch to the front look of your property. This sliding gate has an adequate size so it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

The rocky pillars and brown coarse walk blend in nicely with the gate, giving this front yard a soothing natural feel.

6. DIY wooden driveway gate design

This one is for those hardcore DIYers who are eager to construct their driveway gates themselves. It’s made of wood and wire mesh, and it has a traditional and, of course, DIY look.

7. Classic folding wooden driveway gate design

Its basic and traditional look easily depicts this folding wooden driveway gate. The gate’s design is quite similar to the house’s general architecture, which is made of rustic unfinished bricks.

It’s a good option if you want something classic and beautiful for your driveway gate.

8. Woven wooden driveway gate design

The woven wooden driveway gate has a solid appearance. It’s an excellent option for those looking to construct a unique fence on their property.

9. Swivel wooden driveway gate design

If you want something different from the regular sliding, folding, or swinging driveway gates, the swivel wooden driveway gate should be on your list of gates. 

10. Rustic wooden driveway gate design

Rustic decoration is always enticing as long as you know how to mix and match it with different styles. The rustic wooden driveway gate design is combined with the rail style.

Also, the massive rocky gray posts give the fence design a great appearance, which is undoubtedly a wonderful mix.

11. Modern unfinished wooden driveway gate design

This is another trendy wooden driveway gate that is naturally beautiful. The timbers have been left unpainted to give them a more earthy tone that blends well with the surrounding shrubs and trees.

12. Wooden driveway gate design with hollows

The beautiful horizontal wooden driveway gate with horizontal hollows will give your front yard a nice touch. When paired with the white posts, this swing gate is stunning.

13. 3D wooden driveway gate design

This is a beautiful wooden driveway gate with a clever design. This is essentially a folding gate, but it is housed within a substantial steel and wood frame.

The design provides a stunning 3D effect that will completely improve the value and beauty of your home.

14. Wooden driveway gate with metallic artwork

This is a lovely, sturdy wooden driveway gate with a circular accent in the middle. The artwork provides a sparkling element that is nothing but attractive.

This is an excellent option for those who wish to add a decorative element to a plain wooden gate.

15. Wooden driveway gate with iron accent

Once again, a wooden driveway gate is completed with steel to give it a more beautiful appearance. The gate’s design is based on the rail style, although it’s more complex.

The curved steel lines are perfectly positioned at the front of the gate, giving it a distinct appearance.

16. In-frame wooden driveway gate design

This is a single swing driveway gate made of a steel and wood combination. The dark gray timbers are paired with the white posts and are put inside the black steel frame.

Certainly, if you want to build an attractive, minimalist wooden driveway gate, this is a fantastic alternative.

17. Wooden driveway gate with gray frame

Gray is an easy color to combine with any scheme since it is a neutral color. The timbers are vertically arranged inside the gray frames of these wooden driveway gates.

If you want a great modern wooden gate, this design is worth copying.

18. Woven metal and wooden driveway gate

This is a driveway gate with a beautiful mix of metal and wood. The chrome-finished metal is woven and then paired with natural-finished woods.

Such a design gives off a modern but earthy vibe, and it’s completely motivating to have one.

19. Diagonal wooden driveway gate

Another in-frame wooden driveway gate but with diagonally arranged timbers. The gate is basic yet attractive enough to transform the look of your front yard.

20. Asian-style folding wooden driveway gate

This is a unique folding driveway gate that is inspired by the elegance of a traditional Asian door. The wood is secured by the black steel frame, which is later put inside the concrete frame.

The natural gray finish on the concrete frame makes the gate the main focal point of the front yard.

21. Iron and wood sliding driveway gate design

This fence, without a doubt, is built in a historical Viking style that will give your home a castle-like appearance.

The timbers are set inside the black steel frame, with a black steel line separating each one. The nailhead accent wonderfully completes the design, adding a more dashing touch.

22. Simple small lattice wooden driveway gate

This is a tiny wooden driveway gate with a lattice pattern and is perfect for those looking for a basic gate to use as their front door.

Since it doesn’t safeguard your stuff, this type of gate is better used as a secondary security layer.

23. Decorative wooden driveway gate design

If you’re searching for a more attractive wooden driveway gate, this is the one for you. The timbers are positioned both horizontally and vertically in this design, giving it a unique look. The gate comes with a more vivid shining chrome metal frame.

24. Wooden driveway gate with window design

This is a lovely wooden driveway gate with a window design. Not only does the glass create a more appealing appearance, but it also improves security by allowing a greater view of your home’s surroundings.

This one is a clever blend of privacy and security for maximum property protection.

25. Single swing wooden driveway gate design

Although the design is identical to the previous wooden driveway gate, this one is constructed in a single swing manner.

The rich stain on the wood is nothing but adorable, giving it a naturally beautiful appearance.

Then there’s the nailhead trim accent, which adds a wonderful decorative touch to this wooden driveway gate’s overall appearance.

The wooden driveway gate is preferred due to its cost and, of course, attractiveness. When compared to the cost of iron gates, this type of driveway gate is less costly.

It’s also available in a variety of patterns that are both beautiful and distinctive.

This is perfect if you are considering a wooden driveway gates alternative. This is especially a good deal if the goal is to save extra cash while maintaining beauty.

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