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10 Excellent Free WordPress Slider Plugins for Creating Stunning Slideshows

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Slideshow is a popular way to display images and information on a website. It enhances user experience by saving visitors the trouble to scroll vertically the web page to access relevant information.

Businesses often add sliders to their homepages so that visitors could easily find the important features and information about products and services. It is an excellent tool of communication that easily attracts the attention of visitors and also saves time.

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If you are a WordPress user you will come across a wide range of slider plugins that you can install in your website for free. However, finding the right free plugin that best suits the specific requirement of your website is not easy.

To help you find the relevant free slideshow plugins, we have compiled a list of plugins that are known for their superb features. Here Are Excellent Free WordPress Slider Plugins

1. Meta Slider

Meta Slider is one of the most popular and highly rated slideshow plugins for WordPress users. With four different types of sliders to choose from, you can easily build your slideshow that best suits your site.

The responsive slider helps in adjusting the slideshows for mobile devices. Furthermore, the sliders can be configured according to your need. Download Meta Slider

2. Soliloquy Lite

By installing Soliloquy Lite you need not worry about the slider plugin slowing down your WordPress site. Compared with most of the other slider plugins, Soliloquy Lite is considered to be the fastest.

It loads JS and CSS codes only on pages that contain a slideshow. The SEO optimized and responsive slider allows you to insert unlimited number slideshows in your website. Download Soliloquy Lite

3. Meteor Slides

Meteor Slides users have the option of using short code, template or widget to install slideshows in the WordPress posts. You can experiment with more than 20 transition styles to discover the style that best suits your WordPress post.

Furthermore, each slideshow is customizable. The slideshows created by Meteor Slides are mobile friendly. Download Meteor Slides


4. Cyclone Slider 2

The slider plugin supports image, custom HTML, Vimeo, YouTube and testimonial slides. To host the slideshow you can embed a shortcode in the post or integrate a PHP function into the theme.

Cyclone Slider 2 is ideal for websites published in languages other than English. It supports qTranslate that helps in translating the slideshow content in multiple languages.

The advanced template system makes Cyclone Slider 2 a popular choice for building customized slideshows for different WordPress sites. Download Cyclone Slider 2

5. Nemus Slider

Nemus Slider is easy-to-use yet packed with advanced features. It supports slideshows with html content, photos and videos. You can insert images from Flickr and Instagram in the slideshow.

Nemus Slider allows designers to place the image captions in multiple positions. With multiple filters and actions options, developers can easily customize the sliders. Download Nemus Slider

6. Smart Slider 2

With Smart Slider 2 even casual users can build attractive slideshows in minutes. With multiple animation and transition options, Smart Slider 2 allows designers to create customized slideshows with ease. Basic knowledge of CSS and HTML is not required for customizing the slider.

You can adjust the font, size, color, background, position and more easily with the help of Smart Slider 2. The slideshows created with the help of the plugin are mobile-friendly. Download Smart Slider 2

7. Sangar Slider

This is a premium quality slider plugin. You can easily upload content and drag and drop it to build your layer content with the help of the easy-to-use features of the layer editor.

Each feature of the slideshow including the transition style is customizable. The extensive API system makes Sangar Slider the ideal plugin for creating customized templates and themes. Download Sangar Slider

8. Neat Slider

The responsive slider is compatible with a wide range of browsers and devices. Basic coding knowledge is not needed to design the slideshows. Simply by selecting options and inserting values you can create new layers.


The slider plugin works well with the default import and export functions of WordPress that helps users in creating unlimited number of slides for multiple WordPress sites. Download Neat Slider

9. Easing Slider

This is a lightweight and fully responsive slider plugin. It features CSS3 animations to support smooth transitions.

The new WordPress Media Library is integrated in the plugin that eases image uploading. The basic elements of the slideshows can be easily edited with the help of the visual editor. Download Easing Slider

10. WOW Slider

To wow your visitors with high quality slideshows consider using WOW Slider. Developers who want to avoid jQuery can disable the Javascript and use it as a pure CSS slider. The fully responsive slider supports all types of browsers. It is lightweight and loads fast without causing errors.

With the point-and-click wizard even people without coding knowledge can easily create stunning slideshows. Download WOW Slider

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