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World Animal Day

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World Animal Day holds on 4 October every year. Primary objective of the program is to improve animal status, as well as improve the welfare and animal standard across the world. Animal welfare movements across the globe united in bringing about this day. The movement wants to make this world a better place for animals.


This is a global event and different countries adopt different ways of celebrating or marking the events in their domain. It is important that animals get the respects they deserve. Irrespective of political orientation, religious belief, as well as ideology, animals deserved to be treated very well.

Conditions of animals can be improved when there is awareness and education. As the world celebrates another round of World Animal Day, all obstacles to animal welfare should be addressed and nabbed from the bud.

To mark the day, it is expected that events will be celebrated in different parts of the world. Welfare organizations across the world have been doing this over the years and it is expected that they will repeat this in 2018.

Welfare associations ensure that a lot of awareness about animal conditions can be created. It is for the interest of everybody that animals are treated with dignity, which they deserve. This should be a program for everybody whether you are animal lover or not.

Mass participation has been the vehicle of change. It remains the major key for fighting injustice. Now that animal condition has gained global attention, it is important that the campaign is intensified until everybody becomes connected with animal conditions across the globe.

The worst threats animals face today include injustice meted to it by individuals, groups, business and so on. An occasion like the World Animal Day offers an opportunity for all to remember those injustices perpetrated against animals.

Above all, the celebration should be marked by education about animal conditions across the world. When this is done, it will be possible for the world to have a compassionate culture for animals. Time has come for the world to make the environment better for every creature.

World Animal Day celebration over the years has contributed immensely to improve animal conditions across the world. This has paved the way for the enactment of several legislation to preserve some endangered species across the globe.

There are other days reserved for animals by the world organization. For instance, April 24 of every year is set aside as the World Day for Laboratory Animals. On such days, conditions of animals, especially those used for laboratory purposes are always on focus.


In the same way, March 3 every year is a special day for animals because it is reserved for World Wildlife. None of these can compare to the World Animal Day. This day is for all animal categories. Challenges facing different categories of animals are not the same. For instance, man made problems confront ocean life might be different what is facing wildlife, just as these are different from the kind of problems confronting domesticated animals and so on.

World Animal Day should be a special day for animals. If you have an animal in your home, it is necessary that you treat such an animal with dignity. The day should be for commemorating the love we have for animals. The greatest love you can show to animals is by doing aware with those things that threaten them or make them uncomfortable.

Participation by welfare organizations in World Animals Day celebration is steady on the increase. This implies that the world is steadily progressing to the expected gains.

Since the year 2003, several events were staged in different parts of the world on World Animal Day. Initially it was celebrated in 13 countries. Now it is certain that the event is celebrated in at least one hundred countries of the world. Everybody can become part of the eventful day. Several events are organized and these are often tailored towards the benefits of animals.

The hallmark of such celebration includes educational events, and awareness program. Others include pet adoption events, as well as shelter open days. Just as humans need shelter, some animal species also require shelter for their survival, especially those domesticated for a very long time. There are workshops and conferences as well as animal blessing services. Finally, fundraising can be organized to raise funds for animal related research and development.


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