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World’s Richest Pastor: What You Should Know About Pastor Kenneth Copeland

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There are a lot of jobs out there, and some pay little money in return. Religious duty or offices is one of those jobs where one is not likely to amass vast and unimaginable wealth.

But things have changed, times are different now with the innovation of technology and a dawn of a new era people can make and amass wealth for themselves through various platforms.

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Being a pastor has often been said to be for the chosen few or for the gifted. It is not out of context to state that some go into this line of work for the sole purpose of making a decent income for themselves.

Still, there are those that can be called pastors and have been able to make a good fortune for themselves along the way.

This article is not going to be about who deserves to be a pastor; neither is it geared towards exposing fraudulent Pastor, NO, this article is about the world’s richest Pastor.

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Who is a Pastor?

Pastors are known to be spiritual leaders that guide the pathway of their followers, through weekly or daily sermons, preaching, and conducting religious services. A pastor should have the ability to interpret the bible for a better understanding of its people.

Counseling is one of the roles a pastor takes up, and this is to ensure that the congregation lives a healthy communal life amongst one another, which includes resolution of disputes either among couples or among members.

Most pastors share some common qualities like charisma, and many pastors are said to have a strong character and, most times, impartial. They often empathies with others and look out for all their members.

So it’s a workload being a pastor, and the job only promises to pay little income as monthly wages, hence one of the reasons they don’t expect to make massive money from the post. The world’s wealthiest Pastor.

There are over a thousand pastors who now earn more than society expects them to make, and most of them earn this extra income from their business or through publications.

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Online preaching is also a money making avenue as the views and subscribers from these online platforms serve as a medium of income for these pastors. And at the very top of this list of wealthiest Pastor is Kenneth Copeland.

Kenneth Copeland

Kenneth is an American televangelist and an author of various inspiring books and charismatic movements.

He is known to be a prosperity gospel preacher. Kenneth was born in Lubbock, Texas, to Aubry Wayne and Vinita Pearl, he was inspired to be a pilot cause of he grew up near a United State Air Force airfield.

In October 1955, Kenneth got married to Ivy Bodiford. They both gave birth to Terri Copeland, not long after their marriage, they got divorced in 1958, and he got married again to Gloria Neece on the 13th of April 1963 and gave birth to John Copeland and Kellie Copeland.

Before he became a born again Christian in the year 1962, he was a recording artist on the Imperial Record Label, and he had a hit song on the Billboard of top 40 hit songs(“pledge of love”) and the hit song stayed on the chart for 15 weeks.

And in 1967, he enrolled in Oral Roberts University, where he became a pilot and chauffeur to Oral Roberts. Copeland and his wife Gloria co-host, their ministry broadcast “The Believer’s Voice of Victory.” Kellie and Terri also preach throughout the United States.

Copeland had occupied the evangelical executive seat of the advisory board that Donald Trump assembled during his campaign.

Although Copeland at the time made it clear that he did not endorse Trump as the president, he did state that Christians who did not vote for Trump would be guilty of Murder as he was referring to the abortion policy of Hillary Clinton.

Copeland has amassed a tremendous amount of fortune for himself over the years and through the various platform, and some media had reported his net worth from $300 million to $700 million.

Kenneth Copeland’s Journey into ministry

Kenneth and Gloria had always had that passion for calling souls to the fold. But they have still run from this path of a gospel preacher.

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And they somehow tried to ignore that inner urge to follow their passion they found themselves heading to Tulsa in the year 1966, and he had no money or any other means of survival.

Still, God miraculously made way for him and landed him a job as a pilot for Oral Roberts. While doing his job and attending classes, he always listens to tapes of Kenneth Hagins at night, and this was the first time they began to feel the presence of the Lord in their lives.

One day he came home from school, and he felt the Lord was trying to say something to him, but he was having a hard time understanding what the Lord wanted to say, so he went down the Arkansas river bed, and there, he said the Lord spoke him, and instructed him to preach the gospel to the nation.

And since that day Kenneth has found himself deep in the mission of leading his people to the Gods fold


Mr. and Mrs. Copeland run their Kenneth Copeland Ministries (KCM), and this ministry is located in Tarrant County, Texas.

The ministry derives its motto from the book of Romans 10:9 “Jesus is Lord” and with claims of winning over one hundred and twenty-two million souls to Christ.

He launched his Victory channel in July 2015 called the “Believers Voice of Victory Network” BVOV on channel 265 of Dish Tv. The name was later changed to “Victory channel in 2019”.


2006 Angel Flight 44 Controversy

The Christian Post reported that Kenneth ministry received criticism for not keeping his promise of organizing an aviation relief program called “Angel flight 44” to fly disaster relief missions to Haiti in 2006.

Still, the spokesperson to the KCM announced that the plane was not in airworthy condition and that it had structural issues.


Recently Copeland received a ton of attention when he asked his viewers to touch the screen of their TV as he heals them of the disease called Corona.

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In his program, he emphasized that fear of the virus was sin and disagreed with pastors who closed their church down and asked his followers to come down to his church, where he continued to hold services.

He said that God spoke to him and said the pandemic had ended through the overwhelming prayers of the Christians. He claims to destroy the virus with the wind of God, saying I blow the wind of God on you, You are destroyed forever, and you will never be back.

Even as many lost their job during the pandemic, Copeland told his followers to continue to pay their Tithes. Kenneth Copeland is still the wealthiest Pastor, according to Forbes, and it seems like it is going to remain that way for a while.

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