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XDS Men’s Cross 200 21 Speed Hybrid Bike Review

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The XDS brand may not be very familiar among cycling enthusiasts, but you should not let that stand in the way of owning this amazing hybrid bike, especially if you are on the lookout for a high quality, richly-featured bike that comes at an affordable price.

Key Specs

  • Brand:               XDS
  • Type:                 Hybrid
  • Model:              Cross 200 21-Speed
  • Gender:            Men’s
  • No. of Gears:   21 gears (3×7)
  • Brake Type:     Linear Pull Brakes
  • Frame Size:      46cm M (18’’), 52cm L (20’’)
  • Weight:             27 LBS
  • Assembly:         Light
  • Ideal for:           Light Off-Road
  • Model for other sex: XDS Women’s Cross 200 21-Speed Hybrid Bike


  • Inexpensive
  • Corrosion resistant frame
  • A shock absorbent suspension fork
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • 21-speed gear system
  • Offers a smooth ride


  • Assembling the bike might require a bit of technical expertise
  • You might need to visit a bike shop to get the brakes and gears fine-tuned
  • The saddle may be a little uncomfortable for some users


Overall, the XDS Men’s Cross 21-Speed Hybrid Bike is a perfect choice for shoppers wishing to own a decent bike at an affordable price. This bike is equipped with a long list of features, which make its use as both a cruiser bike and a road bike more effective.

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With 21 gears to choose from, you can be sure that you will transverse various terrains with ease and comfort.

Furthermore, this hybrid is suited to the outdoors cycling demands by having a light and yet corrosion resistant alloy frame. Finally, the manufacturer has outfitted this model with comfortable saddle and pedals to ensure you enjoy your cycling experience.

Therefore, XDS is well suited for recreational cycling or commuting, given its ability to offer versatility, comfort, speed, and efficiency.

XDS Men’s Cross 200 21-Speed General Info

The XDS Men’s Cross 200 21-Speed bike features high quality components that make this bike a real bargain for shoppers looking to own an effective hybrid bike.

The components are made from corrosion-resistant alloy. Additionally, the bike has 21 speeds, which offer the use a broad range of options when cycling in various kinds of environments.

The suspension system is also shock absorbent, an aspect not common for bikes within this price range. Other important features on this bike include an ergonomic saddle which offers added comfort, lightweight, and large tires for more speed.


  • A TIG welded alloy frame
  • HL suspension fork
  • Alloy rims
  • Alloy hub
  • Kenda 700x35C tires
  • 14G spokes
  • Shimano crank
  • Comfort trekking saddle
  • Shimano Tourney 21-speed derailleur
  • Resin body pedals
  • Shimano 21-speed shifter
  • Alloy handlebar
  • Alloy V brake
  • Alloy stem

Key Features

Shock absorbent HL suspension fork

Gives the bike a comfortable off-road riding ability


Alloy components

Makes the bike light and corrosion resistant

High quality components

This means that the XDS can stand up to demanding physical challenges and offer a long periods of service

21-Speed gear system

The variety in speed options makes the bike more suited to its versatile role for both commuting and recreational cycling

44 cm and 52 cm Frame

This means that even taller-than-average individuals can enjoy a worthwhile cycling experience with this bicycle model.

Hybrid ability

This means that you can use the bike in almost any environment, including the beach, streets, campus, and so forth.


Kenda 700 x 35C Tires

The large tires make the bike much faster, which is usually a good thing for a commuting bike. The tires are also adequately threaded to maintain a firm grip without resulting in reduced speeds.

Customer Feedback

The bike has been described as being an overall great bike, especially considering its great price. The assembly process is quite straightforward, although a visit to the bike shop might still be necessary for the final tweaking of the bikes main features such as the brakes and the gear system.

The tires are thick, which ensures that the bike offers a comfortable riding experience on bumpy roads. Additionally, they are not so thick as to inhibit the speed capabilities the bike should offer as a commuting bike.

For some, the XDS seemed too good an offer to be true. Nevertheless, the bike turned out to be as good as advertised. The components used on this bike are sourced from reputable brands, which add to the overall great quality this bike has to offer. Additionally, the bike looks quite good and offers a very smooth riding experience.

The XDS Men’s Cross is very comfortable and you can use it for several miles and still enjoy your ride immensely. The broad choice of gears is also a great thing, as it means that you have more options when using the bike. The hybrid feature also gives the option to ride at high speeds and also explore a wider range of terrains.

Q&As (From cross 300)

Question: Is there warranty for this bike?

Answer: There is a manufacturer’s warranty from Firmstrong. Beachbikes is very easy to deal with and stands behind their products.

Answer: The second bike I bought from this company had an issue with the shifter. They took care of my problem promptly. We have put many miles (about 300) on these bikes and have had no issues. We love beach cruzers! BTW, we had these bikes shipped to us from CA to VA. I would buy from them again.

Question: Will it be right size for a 6’ man?


Answer: The XDS Cross 200 is available in 46 cm and 52 cm frame size. The 52 cm frame size is a perfect fit for a 6’ tall rider. Thank You.

Accessories that can help

A number of accessories could be used to make this bike’s use experience more exciting. For instance, a larger and cushy seat could significantly add to the comfort the bike offers, particularly if you are using it to commute over long distances.

Furthermore, you could also get a helmet, a standard bicycle U-Lock, or a detachable water bottle holder to go with the bike as add-ons.

In Conclusion

The XDS brand may not be very familiar among cycling enthusiasts, but you should not let that stand in the way of owning this amazing hybrid bike, especially if you are on the lookout for a high quality, richly-featured bike that comes at an affordable price.

The specifications on this bike are comparable to those present in pricier models. In addition, the components are obtained from leading manufacturers in the industry, for instance, Shimano.

Finally, the quality of the features and the ergonomic efficiency of this bike ensure that you enjoy a long and comfortable use experience with the XDS Men’s Cross 200.

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