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Xiaomi in Nigeria: Xiaomi to Have an Official Launch in Nigeria on the 24th of April

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Say hello to Xiaomi Nigeria as the countdown to the official launch has begun! Nigerians are gadget lovers, and when it comes to the use of smartphones, almost every Nigerian wants to go for the very best and the most affordable. Xiaomi is a Chinese electronics company with its headquarters in Beijing, and the significant products they have in the market are smartphones laptop’s mobile applications and other related consumer electronics.

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This smartphone company has decided to expand to a more international market after experiencing massive success in other major markets like Europe, India, and Indonesia.

Brands such as Apple and Samsung have made mobile phones that are of good quality but of high price and this has given xiaomi an upper hand in the different markets it has been introduced to because of their range of high-quality smartphones that come at affordable prices. Africa is a continent with billions of smartphone users, and xiaomi has seen this as an opportunity to penetrate the continent’s most populous country with its products on the 24th of April 2019.

The timing for the official launch of Xiaomi in Nigeria is a strategic one especially because residents will be willing to spend more money on gadgets during the Easter season. During the launch, the company is expected to offer its devices to several retail outlets across the country.

We are yet to get information on the devices that will be launched on the 24th because the teaser available on the company’s Facebook page is quite obscure. However Xiaomi devices have been available in Nigeria for a while through partner sellers, but this will be the very first time that the company would be coming into this West African country to launch its products.

If you do not know much about Xiaomi and you are wondering if it is a trusted brand, we have news for you.

Is Xiaomi a trusted brand?

For any smartphone brands to be considered trusted it has to be reliable and user-friendly. These are some qualities that xiaomi seems to possess. Xiaomi came into the market in 2010 and launched their very first smartphone in 2011.

Since then this Chinese company has experienced rapid growth, and by the second quarter of 2018, they became the world’s fourth-largest smartphone manufacturer. Because of the efficiency of their devices and the reduced prices that they come at, a lot of people have found their products the go-to place when it comes to smart devices.

Xiaomi has wholly taken over the smartphone market in China and India within a short period. The founder of Xiaomi, Lei Jun believes that every human being deserves to use the best smart devices and they should be able to afford these devices regardless of their income no wonder he has become china’s xi richest person and the worlds 118th richest man.

Xiaomi has a wide range of products as I have earlier mentioned but most notable at their smartphones that run on their own version of android MIUI firmware. A lot of people have speculated that one primary reason why this company has experienced massive growth in the smartphone industry is that it was able to differentiate itself within the minute android universe.


During its April 24th lunch in Nigeria, the smartphones you should expect to see include the MI note series, the MI series, the MI mix series, the MI max series, and the Redmi series.

It is also suspected that the company may be coming with some of their devices such as the wearable ones, mobile accessories, and some appliances like speakers and televisions. Xiomi laptops have also been said to user-friendly and affordable, but since they are yet to bring these laptops to Nigeria, we can’t say much.

Why are Xiaomi gadgets so cheap?

In this part of Africa whenever we have cheap products in the market, we assume they are of low quality and will not last past a month or two. This is one reason why Nigerians may want to avoid purchasing this product because it is believed that products from China are usually counterfeit and too cheap to offer the value the promise.

However, Xiaomi may be changing this mentality after their official launch because this company has raised its standards and will be giving Nigerians value for their money.

Xiaomi mission is to provide affordable gadgets and to achieve this they operate on a vertically integrated model that allows them to sell hardware at below the cost price to attract users and make money by selling content. The company has been seen as more of an internet and software company than as a hardware company.

Something else that Xiaomi has done is to keep their prices close to the bill of material or reasonably low by leaving most of its products in the market for longer. While other gadget makers like Samsung and Apple would leave their products in the market for six months, Xiaomi leaves their’s for as long as 18 months, and this is a strategy that has allowed them to take advantage of price reduction of significant components of their products.

This Chinese company has been able to build a community for itself especially with their version of the Android operating system. The unique design of the MIUI, it’s skin and app marketplace, as well as its functionalities has brought together the community that makes this company’s customer base.

As we already know, India is the world’s second-largest smartphone market, and Xiaomi has been able to penetrate this country and almost entirely taken over the market, which is one reason why we cannot question their credibility because they have proven to be credible on the Indian soil.

To keep things more interesting, this company has recently started to sell more simple items such as caps, sunglasses, glass lunchboxes, pillows, backpacks, filters, umbrellas, cups, screwdrivers, luggage, and many more small things.

Where is Nigeria will the launch take place?

The teaser on the company’s Facebook page only provided information that they will be coming to Nigeria on the 24th of April 2019. Well, we are sure that they would be coming to Lagos Nigeria, but we do not have information on the particular area of Lagos they will be visiting. Nevertheless, what we do know is that as soon as more information is made available, we will keep you up-to-date.


We are ready for Xiaomi Nigeria and we want to know what you think through your comments.

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