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Yasseen Mansour Biography and Net Worth

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Yasseen Mansour is one of Egypt richest men. He is one of the five children of the Mansour wealthy family and as such you can not miss him when checking for wealthiest men in Africa or billionaires.

Yassen is the youngest of his two billionaire brothers who has a low profile like his brothers. He is the chairman of Egypt second largest real estate developer called the Palm Hills Developments.

In this article we will show you all the information about Yassen Mansour, his biography, relationship, career, net worth and many more.

Yasseen Mansour Profile

  • Full Name: Yassen Mansour
  • Age: 58 years old
  • Nationality: Egyptian
  • State of Origin: Alexandria
  • State of residence: Cairo, Egypt
  • Marital status: Married
  • Occupation: Chairman of Palm Hills Development and part owner of Mansour conglomerate.

Yasseen Mansour Age

Yassen Mansour was born into one of the most prominent business families in Alexandria. He was born in 1962 to Loutfy Mansour. Yassen is one of the five children of Loufty and the youngest brother of the two famous Egyptian billionaires, Mohamed Mansour and Youssef Mansour.

Yasseen Mansour Education

Yasseen primary education and high school education were believed to have been in Egypt. However, he attended George Washington University and received a bachelor’s degree of Art and Science in finance from this prestigious University in 1982.

Yasseen Mansour Career

Mansour started his professional career in 1986 with the Mansour Automotive Company. He also served as the Chairman of Board and Directors and Chief Executive Officer of Palm Hills Development since 2005. However, he stepped down as the CEO but still holds the position of the Chairman and the bigger shareholder.

His company “Palm Hills” is into building luxurious homes and resorts, within a few period of time, the company expanded and became Egypt second largest real estate developers.

Yasseen founded Manfoods who operates the franchise of the fast-food star McDonalds. He is the chairman of that Manfoods since 1994. Yasseen has been the chairman for many organization such as; Chairman of the Mansour and Maghraby Investment and Development (MMID) company where he served as the president and Chief Executive Officer.

MMID is a joint stock company mainly owned by the Mansour group and El- Maghraby. Yasseen being proficient in heading organizations also serves as the chairman at Mantrac groups, the authorized suppliers of caterpillars in Egypt from 2005 till date.

He was also Chairman of Credit Agricole in Egypt and Royal and Suns Alliance company.

Yasseen is a member of Board of Directors of Commercial International Life Insurance company. After the Egyptian revolution, Yasseen was charged with misplacement of state lands for Palm Hills Developments but was later cleared.

However, the bulk of Yasseen wealth comes from Mansour group the bedrock of his family business. Addition, he is also the co-founder of the Lead Foundation whose activities is the financing of local Egyptian business women.

He is part of the board members for National Cancer Institute and Secretary General of Future Foundation.

Yasseen Mansour Relationship

Yasseen Mansour is married and blessed with four children.

Yasseen Mansour Achievement

Yasseen Palm Hills Developments is the ranks the second best in luxury homes and resorts building. Yasseen is also the 12th richest man in Africa and 945th richest man in the world as at June, 2020.

Yasseen Mansour Net worth

According to Real Times as at 10th of June, 2020. Yasseen net worth is $2.3 billion.

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