200 Yoruba Baby Girl Names and Their Meaning

Yoruba Baby Girl Names

You may have heard some beautiful Yoruba baby girl names, and you are wondering if there are other cute Yoruba baby girl names that you can try.

Well, you will find some exciting options in this article. When a Yoruba child is born, the parents are excited but patient enough to wait for seven days before the child is named.

The seven days wait is enough time for them to decide on what name is befitting for the baby. The Yoruba ethnic group is one of the three major ethnic groups in Nigeria.

They occupy a large part of Northcentral and south-western Nigeria, as well as Central and Southern Benin republic. The Yoruba ethnic group is one that is rich in traditions, religion, and culture; thus, they follow laid down rules when it comes to matters that are sensitive as naming a child.

In times past, before a child is named, a group of Ifa priests or Babalawos would have to ask the gods for a name that suits the child’s destiny. Once the gods give the name, the child is christened on the 7th day after its birth.

Even though times have changed and things have done differently now, the parents of Yoruba baby boys and girls make sure to wait seven days before naming their children.

Naming ceremonies are a big deal in western Nigeria, as the new parents do all they can to make sure that guests are fed and entertained as they celebrate the naming ceremony of the latest member of their family.

Neighbors and other relatives may also bring drinks, foods, money, and other gifts for the newborn as a way of welcoming his or her to the planet.

Some Yoruba baby girl names are very common, while a few are very rare, but the bottom line is that they usually have good meanings. Parents may choose a Yoruba baby girl name according to the circumstances surrounding the birth of the child.

Grandparents and other relatives are also allowed to suggest names for Yoruba children, and these names can be religious or cultural, depending on the reason why the name has been selected.

We hope that you will find a befitting name for your little Yoruba princess from our list of Yoruba baby girl names below.

Yoruba names for girls

AanuoluwakiishiGod’s mercy never fades or can’t be removed
AbeniWe asked for her, and here she is
AbifoluwaBorn for God
AbimbolaBorn into wealth
AbiodunBorn during a festive period
AbioyeBorn into royalty
AbisolaBorn into a wealthy family
AbosedeBorn on the first day of the week
AdebimpeThe crown gave birth to me
AdebisiWe’ve added to the crown
AdebolaThe crown meets with wealth
AdeboyeThe crown has brough title
AdedamolaThe crown is mixed with wealth
AdedayoThe crown becomes joy
AdelolaThe crown brings honour
AdemuyiwaThe crown brought this
AdenikeThe crown needs to be pampered
AdeolaCrown of wealth
AdepejuThe crown is full of honour
AderonkeThe crown has something to pamper
AdesanyaReward my suffering
AdesewaThe crown makes beauty
AdesolaThe crown makes wealth
AdetokeThe crown should be handled honourably
AdetolaThe crown is the worthy of wealth
AdetutuThe crown is soothing/gentle
AdewemimoThe crown washed me clean
AdewunmiI am desirous of the crown
AdeyemiI am worthy of the crown
AdunniOne who is sweet to have
Aduragbemiprayer favoured me/ lifted me
AkanniThe first one
AkintoyeStrength is enough title
AnjolaifeoluwaI am enjoying the love of God
AnrolaoluwayoWe are seeing the Lord’s goodness and rejoicing
AnuoluwabamiseThe mercy of God has done it for me
AnuoluwadamisiGod’s mercy kept me
AnuoluwakiishiThe mercy of God never moves/fades
Anuoluwapo/AnuoluwaposiGod is merciful
AraoluwaWonder of God
AraoluwanimiI am God’s wonder
AtinukeTaken care of from conception
AtofaratiDependable/ The one you can lean on
AyanfeoluwanimiI am God’s beloved
AyodapomopeJoy mixed with thanksgiving
AyodeleJoy has come home
AyokunumiI am overwhelmed with joy
AyomideMy joy has arrived
AyoolaThe joy of wealth
AyooluwaThe joy of the lord
AyotolaJoy is enough wealth
AyotundunJoy is sweet
AyowumiI love joy
BoluwatifeAs God wants it
DigiolaMirror of wealth/ Reflection of wealth
EbunifewamiriGod’s gift of love found me
EbunoluwaGift of God
EniolaA person of wealth
EreaduraReward of prayers
EriaduramiTestimony of my prayer
EriayomiMy testimony of joy
EriifeoluwasimiProof/Evidence of God’s love to me
ErimipeMy testimony is complete
ErinkansilemiLaughter landed in my home
ErioluwaTestimony of God
EwaoluwaBeauty of God
EwatomiBeauty is enough
EyitayoSufficient cause for joy
EyitomilayoThis is enough for me to rejoice
EyiwunmimitoluwasefunmiI like this particular thing the Lord did for me
FadekemiPamper me with wealth
FadesewaThe Lord has beautified me with crown
FadesikeThe Lord has beautified me with honour
FadesopeThe Lord has beautified me with thanks
FiyinfoluwaPraise God
FolakemiPamper me with wealth
FolashadeUse wealth as a crown
GbemisolaCarry/lift me unto wealth
IbukunoluwaGod’s blessing
IfedayoLove becomes joy
IfeoluwaLove of God
IfeoluwakofimisileGod’s love has never departed from me/ left me
IkeoluwaThe care of God
InioluwaProperty of God/ God’s heritage
IrekanmiGood things come to me
IrekitanGood things/deeds will not finish
IreoluwaGod’s goodness
IreoluwatomiwaGod’s goodness comes to me
IretiolaAnticipation of wealth
IretioluwaGod’s hope
IseoluwaWork of God
IteoluwaAltar/throne of God
ItunuoluwaComfort of God
Iyalomowun The mother cherishes the child
IyanuayoA marvelous joy
Iyanuoluwamercy of God
IyinoluwaGod’s praise
KasopefoluwaLet’s give praise/ thanks to the lord
kikelomoA child is meant to be pampered
KikiogoluwaFull of God’s glory
kikiolaoluwanimojeIt’s only the grace of God I received
kikiopefoluwaIt’s only thanks to God
MoboladeI came with wealth
MobolajiI woke up with wealth
MobolarinwaI walk in with wealth
MofarayolaoluwaI rub in God’s wealth
Mofeoluwa I love God
Mofeyisopefoluwa I thank God with this
Mogbadunolajesu I am enjoying the wealth or goodness of God
MojirolaI woke up to wealth
MojisolaWake up to wealth
MololuwatonjobaI have a God that reigns
MomoreoluwaI know God’s goodness
MomoririoluwaI know the worth or importance of God
MonifaI am lucky
MoraanugbaI obtained mercy
MorayoI see joy
MorenikeI have found a person to pamper
MorianuoluwaI see God’s mercy
Morireoluwa I see God’s goodness
MorireoluwagbanilealaayeI received the goodness of God on earth/ in the land of the living
Morotolaoluwa I see the wealth of God
Morounranti I see something to remember
Mosinmileoluwa I rest on God
Mosopefoluwa l give thanks to God
MotunrayoI have seen joy once again
MoyinoluwaI praise God
MoyosooretoluwasefunmiI rejoice to the goodness of God/ God’s gift to me
MoyosooretoluwaseninuayemiI enjoy the good that the lord did in my life
NinioluwalereHaving God pays
OdunayoYear of joy
OdunolaYear of wealth
OgooluwaGlory of God
OgooluwatomiwaGod’s glory comes to me
OjumiriireoluwaMy eyes see the goodness of God
OjumitirireoluwaMy eyes have seen the goodness of God
OladayoWealth becomes joy
OlajumokeWealth unites to pamper
OlamideMy wealth has come
OlaoluwatomiGod’s wealth is enough for me
OloladeA wealthy person has arrived
OlubunmiGift of God
OluwabukunmiGod blesses me
OluwabusayoGod adds to joy
OluwabusolaGod  adds to wealth
OluwadabiraGod has done wonders
OluwadamifunreGod created me for his goodness
OluwadamilolaGod makes me wealthy
OluwadarasimiGod is good to me
OluwadunbarinIt is such a joy to walk with God
OluwadunsinIt is sweet to serve God
OluwaferanmiGod likes me
OluwafiebunifesetojumisibeGod’s gift of love still preserves me
OluwafifehanmiGod showed me love
OluwafiirekanmiGod touched me with goodness
OluwafukunremiGod added to my goodness
OluwafunkeGod gave me to pamper
OluwafunmilayoGod gave me joy
OluwafunmilolaGod gave me wealth
OluwagbohunmiGod heard my voice
OluwajomilojuGod has surprised me
OluwajomilojupupoThe Lord has greatly surprised me
OluwakanyinsinuolamiGod added honey to my wealth
OluwalanumiGod is so merciful to me
OluwalonimiI belong to God/ God’s property
OluwamakinwaGod’s goodness
OluwamayomikunGod has completed  my joy
OluwamayowaGod’s mercy
OluwamumiboriGod made me an overcomer
OluwamumirayomiGod has made me witness my joy
OluwamurewaGod has brought goodness
OluwaniewamiGod is my beauty
OluwanikayinOur praise should be unto God
OluwapemisayoLord called me to happiness
OluwapemisereLord called me to goodness
OluwarogbayimikaGod built an edge around me
OluwasemilogoGod has given me glory
OluwasemiyefunogoreGod has singled me out for his glory
OluwaseunThanks be to God
OluwaseunbabarafunmiGod has done a wondrous/ miraculous thing for me
OluwaseyifunmiGod did this for me
OluwasindaraGod still performs wonders
OluwasunmibareGod draws me nearer to goodness
OluwatamiloreireThe Lord gave me a good gift
OluwateniolaGod is all encompassing
OluwatetisimiGod heard my voice/ God has listened to my voice
OluwatetisiohunebemiGod listened to my voice/ cry for help
OluwatetisioromiGod listened to my plea
OluwatishemipetanGod has totally completed me
OluwatitunmiseGod has repaired me/renewed me
OluwatobiGod is great
OluwatofunmiGod is sufficient/ enough for me
Oluwatomilola/OluwatominiGod is sufficient /enough for me
OluwatoniHaving God is enough
OluwatosinGod is worthy to be served
OluwatoyinGod is worthy to be served
OluwatunmiseGod has beautified me
OluwayemisiGod honours me
OmobobolaA child who came to meet wealth
OmobolanleA child who met wealth at home
OmodunniA child is sweet to have
OmolabakeA child to be pampered
OmolaraA child is family/children are family
OmololaA child is wealth
OmotadeA child is the worth of a crown
OmotolaA child is equivalent to wealth
OmowunmiI love children
OpeyemiI should be grateful
OpeyimikaSurrounded by praise
OreofeFree favour/ grace
OreofeoluwakitanGods grace never ends
OreofeoluwatofunmiThe Grace of the Lord is sufficient for me
OreoluwaGod’s friend
OreoluwarinsolaThe goodness of God walked into wealth
OrodeWealth is here/has arrived
OyenikeThe title has to be pampered
OyindamolaHoney is mixed with wealth
OyindasolaHoney pours into wealth
OyindumadeHoney is sweet with crown
OyinlolaHoney is wealth
PipeloluwaPerfect God
SibesibeoluwanbepelumiDespite all, God is still with me
SimisolaRelax in wealth
TanidabioluwaWho is like God?
TanitoluwaWho is like unto God
TanitoluwamiWho is like my God
TemiladeThe crown is mine
TemiloluwaGod is mine
TemitopeEnough reason to give thanks
TiaraoluwaThe Lord’s wonder/ From God’s body
TitilayoEternal happiness
TitilopemiI will forever give thanks to God
TititlopeEternal thanks
TiwatopeOur situation is worthy of thanks
ToluwalasheGod’s will be done
ToluwanimiI belong to God
WuraolaThe gold of wealth
YejideImage of her mother
Yewande mother looked for me
YeyetundeMother has returned
YosolaoluwaEnjoy the wealth of God

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