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Zenith Bank Mobile App Features and Download Link

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Internet is accelerating in today’s banking premises. However, Internet banking is laying the foundation, eliminating days of long queues and unprofessional user experience.

Zenith Bank, one of the most popular banks in Nigeria, has developed a mobile and internet banking system to facilitate its customers’ banking operations.

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Cross your belt because what you will soon experience will make you have a bank as your boss. To start, Zenith Bank offers two types of Internet banking services to its customers:

  • Online banking services for individuals.
  • Internet banking services for businesses.

Zenith Bank Personal Internet Banking

As the name suggests, online personal banking is designed to manage personal accounts. As an individual using this type of online banking, you will be able to request checkbooks, transfer funds between your accounts and other bank accounts.

You can pay utility bills, check your account balance, recharge your phone, and make other smooth transactions.

Zenith Bank Corporate Internet Banking

In the same sense, the name of an online commercial bank is organization and industrial organization. Its features and packages are different from Internet banking for individuals.

With this form of online banking, Zenith Bank users can make secure transactions over the Internet. Any electronic payment was compatible with this form of online banking.

Organizations will also be able to monitor exchanges, manage payroll, and transact with customers worldwide without barriers such as distance or proximity.

Users can also stop checks, confirm checks, issue money orders, make customs payments, and view and manage multiple bank accounts through an easy-to-use interface.

Benefits of Zenith Bank Internet Banking

Below are the benefits of Zenith Banking’s Internet banking services, whether personal or corporate.

  • Perform transactions 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as there is no closing time
  • You can carry out these transactions smoothly in the comfort of your room or workplace, without preventing risks and losing time in the bank.
  • Manage your accounts yourself, always having everything on hand in your accounts.
  • Enjoy the user interface without outside help or assistance.

How To Apply for Zenith Bank Internet Banking

To take dominance of the above benefits, you need to sign up and then sign up for one of two forms of online banking, depending on the services you want.

Follow the link to register on the official Zenith Bank website

  • Once on the site, click on any form of online banking of your choice: personal or corporate iBanking.
  • You’ll be directed back to the page where you will download the request form. The application form contains the fields in which it will be placed in your account name or Account number or email address.
  • Select YES and enter the account numbers if you have several account numbers for which you want to use it. Select NO if you only have one account.
  • Add your authorized signature below. Please note that the signature must be the same as your account.
  • Now, you also need to download and sign an electronic banking agreement. To download it, click the link and follow the instructions
  • Fill in all the vital information on the forms and send them to any Zenith bank near you.

After a maximum of 48 hours, you will receive your login information with the stamp of the bank employee. You can also visit the bank and get the stamp yourself if you wish.

Zenith Bank Internet Banking Characteristics

The following characteristics of Internet banking services refer to Internet banking services for individuals and Internet banking services for businesses:

  • Customers can view their account balance in real-time
  • All transactions on the account can be considered in real-time.
  • Incorporate Internet banking; you can make group payments to employees.
  • You can pay utility bills on any of them.
  • Monitor and review the status of the business and financial transactions.
  • With corporate iBanking, you can transact with accounts anywhere in the world
  • Transfer funds to your account and other bank accounts
  • You can download in any format, therefore print your bank statements

Zenith Bank Mobile Banking

This is another way of doing simple online banking. You can quickly pay your bills, transfer funds, and have access to your account 24/7 via the Zenith mobile app.

The Zenith Bank mobile application has two functions: it fulfills the portable bank’s role and easy money, through which you can pay utility bills.

Benefits of Zenith Bank Mobile Banking

  • You can see all your accounts on your mobile phone, whether they are current, savings, home deposits, fixed deposits, etc.
  • The application can be blocked and, therefore, only allows authorized access to accounts.
  • There is two-way authentication: application password and transaction PIN code
  • Pay your invoices straightly from your bank account

How to Download Zenith Bank App

  • For Android Users, download here on the Google Play Store.
  • For iPhone users, download on the Apple App Store here.

How to register on Zenith Bank Mobile App

After downloading the application, the following step is to register for the service. Users can register in the following ways:

  • You can register as a user of Internet banking if you have already completed the steps described above. Here you will need a hardware token, a PIN for your internet banking, and a unique password to generate from the token.
  • You can also register as a non-banking user online if you are not using iBanking services. Here you need to configure the number of alerts on your mobile phone to receive SMS from the software token.

For Internet Users

  • When you open the website, be sure to indicate that you are an Internet user. Enter your account number
  • Create your password to log into your account later.
  • Create your chat PIN
  • You will be asked to input your PIN + TOKEN
  • If successful, then you will be directed to the login page. Log in with your account and the generated password.

For Non-Internet Users

  • Open the application and indicate that you are registering as an optional user. Create your password and PIN.
  • After the registration, you will be directed to the login page.
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