7 Best Mac Apps to Download

It is not just hardware, the nifty and sleek app options on the apple ecosystem make it a whole package that people choose with closed eyes over other platforms.

New migrants from other platforms are apprehensive due to the assumption that there is not much to offer in terms of applications here.

We tell you the quality and diversity of apps is richer and sometimes better than other platforms.

So if you have bought your first Apple Mac and are looking for the best Mac Apps to download here we will mention the best you can’t miss.

The list encompasses productivity, interface, editing tools, security or storage, and much more.

You can easily get most of them from the apple store or have to go to the respective sites of these applications to get the latest versions for your machine.

1. Bartender

This is our first interface improvement option for you. If you are a Mac user who believes in taking the juice out of it to the maximum by using many apps, Bartender is simply for you. It lets you choose what should appear in the menu bar and rearrange the position accordingly.

An organizing tool, Bartender allows you to systematize different parts of your machine interface. Search for a particular item, and put it in the optional bar on the tool. Navigate using the keyboard and many more options for you to explore, try it, and check out how easy your life becomes.

2. Alfred

This is the second application for your Mac that we would like to introduce you to. You can consider it as a combo where you get the features of both Siri and Spotlight. Originally an application launcher with much more to offer to you.

Using this tool you can execute web searching, find a word’s meaning and definitions, make calculations, and much more. Customize Alfred to automate tasks and perform advanced functions that you need to do with Siri otherwise.

With version IV, already available it has enhanced workflow, new text snippets, and other functions.

3. GoodTask

This is a productivity app for you. Macs already have apple’s reminder app. If you have used it, it is obvious that it keeps you asking for more. To fill the gap there is GoodTask for you. The best reminder app for apple devices hands down.

Create entries instantly using it. This is just the most basic GoodTask can do for you. Use its more powerful features such as making smart lists based on a set of criteria. Add instant new reminders using text snippets.

GoodTask will take care of the rest for you. Get calendar view and many more options and modify them according to your needs and requirements.

4. Keyboard Maestro

With Maestro on your hand, you don’t have to worry about executing trivial tasks and simplifying them in your daily work routine. It lets you automate many tasks that take your time, not much individually, but combined it becomes a great chunk of your clockwork.

Wake your Mac by fixing a time or automatically run the system in sequence whenever you open an app. Initially, you can find it a bit overpowering, if this is your initial exposure to automation. As you increase your experience with shortcuts on the Apple operating system, it will be an easy sailing.

With one time purchase, this is a must-have app for people who are looking to enhance productivity while working or using the system.


If you are looking for a free image editor on your Mac. This one is for you. Once you grasp the cool features it offers, you can easily say goodbye to expensive Photoshop tools. GIMP has everything that an editor wants from his favorite tool.

These include major functions like Layer control, vector-based paths, shadow effects, exposure, filters, and much more. Such as colors, correct white balance, equalize, and other options.

One of the best alternatives to Photoshop, it is an option source project that means many more additions will certainly come your way. If you are looking to work in an open-source suite for your art, this one is a must consider for image tweaking.

6. Steam

If you are a PC gamer you know what it is. This means you have heard of Valve Software. Stream is their Mac version that you already enjoy on Windows and Linux. What adds to the charm of this app for Mac is the fact that the games you purchase for your Linux and Windows are playable here if a compatible version is there.

This means no requirement for separate purchase for your Apple machine. Machines like Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Steam controllers are best for Steam on Mac. Get it and feel the experience.

7. Carbon Copy Cloner

A backup app with an easy-to-use interface, that anyone can pick. Despite its simple looks, it can do a lot more than what appears to the eyes. It can create bootable backups of the startup disk. This means a user’s main drive fails and Mac cannot be powered on, this backup can be used.

In addition, a user can also back up data and other files to an external or another device. After the backup is done, you can use this data and files saving space on the machine.


This is not just the final list of tools that you can have. Apps like Google Chrome, Microsoft office, backup, and cloud storage that you generally use on Windows devices are also available for Mac. In addition, you can explore more from https://downloadpipe.com/ and download the best Mac apps for free.

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