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9mobile Data Plan – Price, Validity and How to Subscribe

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9mobile Data Plan is one of the best in Nigeria at the moment, and the gradual upgrade in internet speed and affordability of data bundles is indeed taking this network far.

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9mobile Nigeria was formally known as Etisalat, and they have managed to win the heart of thousands of Nigerian internet users with their presence even in remote locations.

Whether you are a laptop, Android, or iPhone user, 9mobile has a plan that not only fits your purpose but also fits your pocket.

In this article, we will be making a list of the best, cheapest and most durable 9mobile Data Plan for iPhone, Android, and Laptop. These plans will be briefly listed out, and as you read further, you’ll find data plans for heavy and light data users.

Below are all of the current 9mobile data plans, subscription codes, Internet Bundles and special data Plans For Android, iPhone and Laptop users.

One thing we guarantee is that with 9mobile you are sure to enjoy a fast and stable broadband service, as long as you are in a location where the service is available.

How to buy 9mobile data plan?

  • Insert your 9mobile SIM
  • Switch on your mobile phone
  • Recharge your phone with a 9 mobile recharge voucher
  • Dial *200*2#
  • Choose your desired data plan
  • Enjoy awesome internet connection

9mobile data plans

Below are the prices of all current 9mobile data bundle plans for whatever devices you use. Note that 9mobile data plan is categorized into according to your purpose for purchase, there is the internet bundles, smartphone plans and Smartpaks.

When you decide to subscribe to any of these more blaze data plans, which ranges from N500 to N8,000, you will be given access to call rates as low as 20 kobos per sec to any Nigerian mobile network with no access fee.

Daily 10MB costs N50
Code: *229*3*8#
Validity: 24 hours

Daily 40MB costs N100
Code: *229*3*1#
Validity: 24 hours


150MB costs N200
Code: *229*2*10#
Validity: 7days

500MB costs N500
Code: *229*2*12#
Validity: 30days

500MB costs N500
Code: *229*2*11#
Validity: 30days

1GB costs N1,000
Code: *229*2*22#
Validity: 30days

2.5GB cost N2,000
Code: *229*2*44#

5GBN costs 3,500
Code: *229*2*33#

11.5GB costs N8,000
Code: *229*2*55#
Validity: 30days

Quaterly plan (30GB) costs N27,500
Code: *229*5*1#
Validity: 90days

Bi-annual plan (60GB) costs N55,000
Code: *229*5*2#

100GB Plan costs N84,992
Code: *229*4*5#
Validity:130 days


Annual plan (120GB) costs N110,000
Validity:365 days

N50 for 10MB

This plan is the cheapest, and it gives you a total of 10MB worth of data for just NGN50. validity is for 24hours (1day). To subscribe to this plan, dial *229*3*8# or simply text MI3 to 229.

N100 for 40MB

This plan gives you 40MB worth of data for NGN400 which is valid for one week (7 days). To subscribe to this place, dial *229*3*1# or simply send a text Ml2 to 229.

N200 for 150MB

This is another very cheap data plan that works for all devices, where you are given 150MB for NGN200. You can simply dial *229*2*10# or SMS LCD to 229. This plan is valid for 7 days.

N500 for 500MB

This plan gives you a total of 500MB at the cost of NGN500. Activate this data plan by dialing *229*2*12# or SMS LCD2 to 229 for one month (30 days). Meanwhile, there is a different data plan in the 9mobile data bundle that gives the same amount of data but with different code. You can dial *229*2*11# or Text Smarta to 8183 to activate.

N500 for 1GB (weekend plan)


For everyone who is a workaholic during week days and want to enjoy their weekend by surfing the internet, while on a tight budget, this is the best data plan for you.

You are provided have a total of 1GB worth of data plan for just NGN500. To activate this plan, dial *5995*2#. This data plan is only valid from Friday 11:59pm – Sunday 11:59pm

N1,000 for 1GB

This is one of the most popular and the cheapest data plan for android phones in the country. This data plan gives the subscriber 1GB worth of data for exactly NGN1,000 and that data is valid for one month (30days). You can also subscribe by dialing *229*2*22# or SMS smartb to 8183.

N2,000 for 2.5GB

Another good 9mobile data offer is the 2.5GB for NGN2,000 data plan, which has a validity period of 30days. You can subscribe to this plan by dialing *229*2*44# or SMS smartc to 8183.

N3,500 for 5GB

Get 3GB worth of data for just NGN3,500. This plan is valid for 30days. To activate, simply dial *229*2*33# or SMS smartd to 8183.

N8000 for 11.5GB

This data plan gives you 11.5GB data for as low as NGN8000 ; valid for one month (30 days). To subscribe to this plan, dial *229*2*55# or SMS smarte to 8183.


N27,500 for 30GB

You get 30GB worth of data for NGN27,500, which is valid for 3 months. Simply dial *229*5*1# or text 4M to 229 to subscribe.

N55,000 for 60GB

On this data plan , you get as much as 60GB worth of data that has a validity period for 120 days (4months). To get started, dial *229*5*2# or SMS 6M to 229.

N84,992 for 100GB

Do you know you can get up to 100GB worth of data on the 9mobileNetwork? Yes you can. With NGN84,992 you can get 100GB. Dial *229*4*5# or send a text of SM5 to 229. This plan is valid for only 30 days (1month)

N110,000 for 120GB

If you have the money to spend, then this plan is for you. This is the most expensive 9mobile Data bundle that is currently available in Nigeria. With this plan, you get 120GB worth of data for #110,000. This plan is valid for 365 days (1 year).

While this plan is tempting, it is best suited for Big companies that rely on internet usage to operate. To get started on this plan, Dial *229*5*3# or simply text 12M to 229.

For people who are light Data users, the 9mobile Smartpaks is for you. With the Smartpaks, you get to pay for the service you want and save more money.


9mobile Chatpak : Enjoy unlinmited access to all your favorite instant messaging networks WhatsApp, facebook Messanger, WeChat, and even BBM. This plan costs NGN50 daily and NGN150 per week.

9mobile Socialpak : Gain unlimited access to you social media accounts on facebook, twitter, instagram, BBM, and eskimi. It costs NGN300 per week.

9mobileVideopak : For video lovers who are on a budget, here is 2 hours of uninterrupted videos from any of your favorite streaming app. It costs only #400 for a total of 2 hours nonstop video streaming.

To subscribe for any of the above 9mobile Smartpak, all you have to do is dial *200# and select your the 3rd option on the data menu for smartpaks.

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