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7 Best Photo Editing Apps for iPad

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Whether you want to get rid of skin blemishes, sky blue, add filters, or something else, there are various photo editing apps for iPad!

With the assistance of services like the iCloud Photo Library, it’s more comfortable and more convenient than ever to record on the iPhone and start editing on the iPad right away.

1. PicMerger Photo Collage Editor

The best photo editing app on this list is PicMerger. PicMerger is your all-in-one photo editing app that will almost certainly save you time and money (especially if you’re a content creator).

PicMerger has over 200+ different photo collage templates and layouts that make combining photos quick and easy. Use PicMerger to combine multiple photos into one image in seconds.

Key features:

  • Combine multiple photos and screenshots together into one image (merge photos vertically and horizontally)
  • Create photo collages with hundreds of unique templates
  • Size images perfectly square for Instagram
  • Add text to photos
  • Add a watermark to your pictures
  • Add custom borders, change sizes and colors
  • Make your captions unique with πŸ…²πŸ†„πŸ†‚πŸ†ƒπŸ…ΎπŸ…Ό fonts and 𝕀π•₯π•ͺπ•π•šπ•€π•™ π™©π™šπ™­π™©
  • Access hundreds of different sticker packs
  • Store and access all of your edits within PicMerger
  • Move, crop, and rotate your pictures the way you want
  • Share your photos directly to any social media platform
  • Access hundreds of different photo filters and effects

2. Pixelmator

If you do not mind disbursing a bit of cash and want a photo editing app for iPad that makes it all work, and if you’re looking for endless creative control and editing options, we would propose you take a look at Pixelmator.

With Pixelmator, users can play with advanced photo settings like one-touch preset color correction settings, face and beauty editors that can quickly erase unwanted spots, smudges, and objects, the ability to squeeze, touch, rotate or wrap image areas, editable images from 100 megapixels and more.

You can also use Pixelmator images to take photos directly on the iPad, turning the tablet into a digital canvas.

You can choose from over 100 artistically designed brushes, smear the paint with your finger to blend it like real life, use eyelid tools to isolate and polish your colors and put your creativity first.

Once you’re done editing images using Pixelmator or creating and painting artwork, you can easily save images with iCloud and instantly post your final product to your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts.

3. Adobe Lightroom

Look for an app that harnesses Adobe Photoshop technology’s power and magic that lets you create and edit beautiful images, capture stunning photos, import and sync RAW images, and more, all in the comfort of your iPad screen.

If so, you can start playing around with Adobe Lightroom. The application is free to download, and if you’re a Creative Cloud member or start a free trial, you’ll have access to things like access to paid editing features in Lightroom and the ability to access and sync your photos.

With Lightroom on all your devices. Lightroom lets you change things like white balance, hue, temperature, auto-tone, exposure, intensity, shadows, saturation, etc.

What if you are not happy with any of the adjustments you made to the photo? You can use the one-touch rewind option to restore the image to its original beauty.

Download here

4. Snapseed

Suppose you’re looking for an application with dozens of gaming and editing tools, an app that lets you edit as precisely as possible on the iPad, or an app so simple and optimized with fun and quick filters that give fantastic results.

Snapseed is designed for editing RAW photos, equipped with tools like hardening, brushing, structuring, HDR, transform, crop, white balance, and more.

It is entirely free for use on the iPad; Snapseed makes your photos feel like they’ve been taken and edited by an expert.

You can even add different effects and sensations to your photos, such as grainy film, vintage document cabinets, dramatic layers, retro styles, noir effects, and much more.

Download here

5. Prisma

This art emulator app has taken over all phones and social media this summer. So it’s no surprise that it’s still a favorite with photo editing fans on your iPad.

Prisma works by simply uploading a photo and adding a filter that mimics a particular type of art style, be it anime, Van Gogh, pencils, etc., and much more.

Due to each picture style’s unique algorithm, some work better for different scenes, not so much for others. It’s all about error and trial, and you’ll be amazed at some of the results you get.

Download here

6. Facetune

Are you looking for a super-approved app with all of Photoshop’s editorial magic but without the super complicated steps or the huge price tag?

Then we ask you to take a look at Facetune for iPad, and you will never retake a lousy photo. Facetune allows users to edit small imperfections and issues on skin, hair, eyes, makeup, etc. get, into their photos.

Not only is it a popular app among beauty gurus and famous Instagrammers, but it is also one of the most well-liked apps in the App Store. In fact, in 2016, it was the second most downloaded paid iPhone app in the store, just behind Minecraft!

And if everything seems a little overwhelming at first, don’t worry. Facetune has a mini-guide to almost everything with one touch, so you never miss a beat.

Download here

7. Pixelmator Photo

While we love the original Pixelmator, the newer Pixelmator Photo might be a better option if you use it exclusively for photo editing.

In Pixelmator Photo, you’ll find an extensive collection of non-destructive desktop color adjustments to create the perfect photo on your iPad every time.

The app also uses artificial intelligence to enhance your photos automatically and looks like a professional photographer took it.

Pixelmator Photo also offers an extensive collection of presets and effects inspired by different photographic styles, suitable for many potential subjects.

And if you like to experiment, you have the flexibility to customize and create your own presets for easy one-touch access later.

Download here

8. Affinity Photography

If you’re looking for an iPad photo editing app’s raw power, look no further than Affinity Photo. Affinity Photo uses Metal to speed up your iPad’s performance and is fully optimized, making it easy to edit larger images.

In Affinity, you can create 100-megapixel photos without wasting time. The app runs at 120 fps and can process Photoshop PSD files as well.

Affinity supports multi-layered active filters, high-quality correction and retouching tools, and many other professional image processing features.

And it’s all non-destructive with live effect layers, so you can remove the effects or hide them after applying. Affinity Photo will work on iPad Air 3 and 2, iPad Pro, iPad mini 5, and iPad (early 2017 and later). Older iPads are not supported.

Download here

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