Finding Lost Airpod and Airpod Cases

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If you are a forgetful type, it is easy for you to lose your airpod cases. Apple has “Find my Airpods” feature that can be very useful for you in such situations.

Here are some tips on how you can quickly find your lost airpods.

Find your lost airpods by playing a sound

Just like the Find My iPhone feature, there is also the find my airpod feature which located inside find my iPhone app. once you enable the Find My iPhone feature, the find my airpod feature is automatically enabled.

Below are some steps for you to follow to find your lost airpod

  1. On your iPhone, open the find my iPhone app and tap on Airpods from the list it will show a map with the location or the last location it was connected to your iPhone.
  2. When you see a green dot next to the airpods, it means that the airpod is still online and it’s nearby.
  3. Increase the sound on the airpod by tapping on the play sound button then all you need to do is follow the sounds to locate the airpod.
  4. If they still online but far away then tap on the car button to get the directions to the location of the airpods.

Find your airpod cases if they are offline

If your airpod is out of battery and you left them somewhere you can remember, it will be offline, and if you have never used the find my iPhone feature, then your airpod will also show up as offline.

But you can still locate your airpods by navigating to the last location they were found online.
Below are some simple steps on how to do this;

  1. Open the find my iPhone app, from the list tap on airpods.
  2. If they are showing a grey dot on the map, it means that there offline but you be able to see the last location on the map. Tap on the car button to navigate to there last known location.
  3. When you reach the location of the airpods, you’ll have to look for them the old fashioned way. This is because you can’t play sound on an offline airpod.
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