How to Borrow Airtime From 9mobile

Borrow Airtime From 9mobile

With a 9mobile loan (Etisalat), you can borrow transport time and pay later while you are a subscribed customer. To check the eligibility status, dial *665*3 # or send the text “STATUS” to 665, after which you can borrow from N50 to N2000 via SMS and USSD code.

To borrow, dial * 665 * [Amount] # or the text “returns” to 665. Like its predecessors, the use of 9mobile by More credit also results in a deduction of 15% on service fees.

If you haven’t noticed it yet, the truth is you can’t afford it, my friend. They will catch you, and when they do, they will collect their money the next time you reload, as always.

Your best bet is probably at the point where you can borrow, say, N2000, and BAM, launch one SIM card and put it in another. Rinse and repeat.

And if that doesn’t satisfy you, it’s for sure that my Yahoo targeted posting tip did the trick (if you’re signed in this way?).

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