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How to Electronically Sign PDF Documents Without Printing and Scanning?

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PDF refers to a portable document format. The PDF files cannot be modified but saved and shareit from your devices to the operating systems. You can also get the PDF files printed.

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When it comes to your business and legal processes, PDF documents are most often used, but signing them traditionally or manually when they are not in soft form can be a lengthy procedure.

There have been many attempts taken to help you digitally sign the PDF documents, but most of these involve the conversion of PDF invert or any other form for or preceding the signatures. Wondering if there is a direct way of electronically signing your PDF documents without converting them into other forms or printing or scanning?

Of course, there is a very simple solution; all you need is to seek the assistance of electronic signature solution providers. You can find a number of esign solution providers online, but choosing the most reliable one is primarily essential.

Cocosign is an electronic signature solution provider. It is widely used by many professionals all around the world. Cocosign offers fast, reliable, and secure services to ensure that you get your signed document in time in a safe environment.

On top of that, you can sign your PDF, XLS, PNG, JPG, Word, Docs, and Excel documents with CocoSign. When it comes to e-sign PDF at CocoSign, the process is straightforward.

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How to sign PDF documents online with CocoSign?

Go to the official website of CocoSign. Click on “sign up for free” to create an account. This free sign up allows you to enjoy the features for 14 days.

Once this free trial period expires, you need to buy a suitable subscription plan to continue enjoying the CocoSign features. Click here to sign up now.

  1. When you click on “sign up for free, “a window will open on your screen. Enter your name, email address, and password to create a new account. Once you do, you can generate your signatures by clicking on “create new signatures” from the dashboard. Draw your signature using a mouse pad, touchpad, or stylus pen.
  2. Now drag and drop the PDF document you want to sign. Choose the file format by clicking on the PDF icon before uploading your PDF file.
  3. Once you have uploaded your file, you can sign in the highlighted section. You can insert the already drawn signature in it or draw the new signatures by using the stylus pen, touch or the mouse pad.
  4. When you have completed the signatures, you can download the document and send it back to the relevant person. You can also invite others to sign after it’s done. As soon as the recipient finishes signing, you can click on “done” to download the document in your device’s further process.

What are the benefits of using CocoSign for signing PDF files online?

Sign remotely

You can sign anywhere anytime by logging into your CocoSign account through any device. CocoSign is compatible with PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone (whether iOS or non iOS), and Mac.

This remotely signing removes the restriction of visiting a place physically to get the documents signed. Moreover, it cut the hassle of taking the print of the PDF file, signing it, scanning and sending it back to the relevant person.


Sign documents in multiple file formats

Not only PDF, but the documents in any format such as Word, Excel, PNG, Docs, and JPG can be signed through Cocosign’s e-sign. Signing online comprises three simple steps which are the same for all of these formats.

Secure and legally binding signatures

CocoSign uses secure socket layering encryption protocols and world-class defence against the cyber attacks to make your documents safe.

No third party can access your document or any sensitive information present on the dashboard of CocoSign under your account. Moreover, all the papers signed through Cocosign are legally binding.

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User friendly interface

You can easily navigate through various options and processes on CocoSign’s website. Website developers and designers have made the website format easy-to-understand and navigate. There is no rocket science involved in the e-signing on CocoSign.

This user friendly interface saves you a lot of time and it helps you sign in to manage your documents easily.

Different signature templates

With the CocoSign’s sign generator you can get multiple digital signatures. It allows the users to draw a sign or upload it.

You can also choose from the sign templates available on the website and modify them further through the signature edit options according to your choice. This brings variation and also helps you get more professional and well-defined signs.

Fast and efficient

CocoSign is quicker than many electronic signature services providers. This makes it the best alternative to sign A to transmit your documents online. All you need is to have the soft copy of your paper(document) and a device with an active internet to start electronically signing your documents.

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