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How to Get Paid Apps for Free Legally on iPhone/iPad?

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Mostly people using an iPhone and its apps and trying to search how to get paid apps for free on iPhone?. But They want free apps without jailbreaking their iPhone.

Because the apps becoming expensive day by day at iTunes and iPhone app stores.

In iTunes and Apple app store, the cost of the app is about $0.99 to $9.99 and more, especially you are searching the best apps for your iPhone is about $5.99 and plus.

So you don’t even think about purchasing these apps, that’s why iPhone users using a jailbreaking phone.

But the jailbreaking system will damage your iPhone and it make your phone slow.

This system is illegal in the world. So here is a best solution to get free apps without jailbreaking your iPhone/iPod touch.

Jailbreaking is Illegal !

Jailbreaking is the route of removing hardware restriction on iOS such devices are iPhone, iPad, iPod and that operating system device which are based on apple.

Jailbreaking allows to download those Applications, Games, Extensions and themes which are not approved by apple. With this jailbreaking system, you can download and access applications and games that are unavailable on the official app store.

Jailbreaking is an illegal service to use in the world. There is a law against to make use of this system is called circumvention law. If you got found with using this bullshit system the governor will apply the law of circumvention to you and will punish under this law.

The UK is the only country in the world, where jailbreaking is legal. If you want to use legally free apps which are paid or to use the jailbreaking system, You have to go The UK otherwise, you will have to ready to get penalized for that.

One thing you should remember if you love your iPhone/iPod so much, then you should avoid this bed jailbreaking system. Because using this system your phone will be slow and it will damage your iPhone.

How to get paid apps for free legally on your iPhone without Jailbreak?

So there are a several ways to get paid apps for free on your iPhone and similar devices like iPad, iPod and device, based on iOs.

And yes, these different ways to get free apps which I am gonna show you are fully legal.

So don’t afraid to use this technique on your iPhone. It will not damage to your devices.

This is my guarantee. With this method, you will get best-paid apps which are absolutely free without spending any dollars.

Download more apps and install it and enjoy it with these simple ways.

Finding the Best Deals

FREE APP WEBSITES which are offering best iPhone apps as free. If you search for free app websites you will get many sites are like AppShopper, App Saga and many more.

Browse these websites and find free apps and download it as quick as possible. Because these sites promoting that app which are free and it is also for limited time period.

APPLE STORE-FREE APP OF THE WEEK is a pretty impressive deal from iTunes. Every week,  iTunes declare app of the week, the best app to free download. So check every week iTunes store home page.

PICK OF THE WEEK CODE ON STARBUCKS are available every week with free apps. You just need to visit Starbucks each week (deal changes every Thursday).

Pick any pick of the week card and behind of it, you will get the code. You can type that code into iTunes to start downloading your free app.

From my point of view, these temporary deals are very safe and it can be easily used for free without jailbreaking and it is legally.

Using Third-party App store

Third party application stores gather free applications so you can download them for free. They are frequently foreign sites, they regularly represent considerable authority in applications that don’t require jailbreaking.

Here is the most popular option, like

  • Tongbu.com
  • Monsterfreeapps.com
  • Kuaiyong

See Here: 15 best Apple alternative app store to get free iOS apps without jailbreak

You can download these apps to your iOS and download free app going through these apps.

This is a simple solution to get paid apps for free legally. While these locales do offer bounty approaches to get paid applications free of charge without jailbreak, but one thing you should know: There’s no guarantee the application you are downloading is the one you really need or will work by any means.

Downloading cracked Apps

Cracked apps basically approach free paid apps without jailbreaking. You can download these cracked apps from many different sources on the internet.

First, with the chance that you use them to get to free applications, you can’t get on the app store, that is one thing.

Anyhow, in the event that you are using cracked applications to get paid apps free of charge, that is illegal and come to with its own can of worms.

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