How to Receive Android Notifications on Your Windows 10 PC

android notifications on windows 10 PC

Switching in-between platforms (smartphone and PC) can be a stressful task as you might miss notifications, calls, and relevant messages when you are focused on working on your laptop.

Multitasking in-between these platforms are old school, but there are new ways out there you can prevent the stress and receive notifications of your smartphone on your PC.

While getting your smartphone notifications on your PC, it requires you to mirror (reflect) your smartphone notification to your PC (Windows 10). With this, you can be able to monitor everything which ranges from your calls to messages.

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There are a few steps to make this possible. This article will focus mainly on two easy methods. In the first method, we will work with Push bullet service while the other is with the help of Microsoft account and Cortana app.

Using PushBullet Service

Pushbullet service is an app that gives you the ability to mirror your notifications on PC. Though it doesn’t reflect every notification but you can receive calls from your PC.

To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Download and install Pushbullet service on your Android phone
  • Next, download and install the Pushbullet extension on your Chrome browser from Chrome Store
  • Launch the installed app on your smartphone and sign in to the app using your Google account
  • If you have not registered before, go on and sign up and log in to your Pushbullet app on the phone and the Chrome extension.
  • Grant the app all necessary permissions that the app will need to work efficiently
  • The Chrome extension page will allow you to manage all your call logs and SMS, and you can get incoming call notification on your computer, which I think is a great feature.
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Using Microsoft Account and Cortana

On Windows 10, you can use Microsoft account to synchronize your Cortana on android and your windows 10 PC to receive notifications on your PC. To achieve this, follow the easy steps below;

  • Download and install Cortana on your smartphone from Play Store
  • Open the Cortana app on your device and follow the instructions to set it up
  • After setting up your Cortana, sign in to the app using your Microsoft account (remember to use the same account on your PC).
  • Next, tap on the hamburger icon on the app to open the menu and then go to Settings and click on the Sync Notifications option, which will give you access to all the sync settings.
  • After syncing the notification in the settings, you can now enable whatever notifications that you want to appear on your Windows 10 PC.
  • When that is done, activate the Cortana on your PC to be able to find your device in the notification panel.

With the steps above, you should be able to receive notifications from your smartphone to your Windows 10 PC.

While both methods are high, it’s advisable to choose the one that is suitable and more convenient for you and do well to reach out to us with your success stories and share with us your thoughts and feedback using the comments section below.

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