How to Set Parental Controls & Assign Short Key on Mac OS X

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Whether they are surfing the net, writing a class project, or chatting with friends keep your children safe while they use a Mac computer by setting parental controls.

Step one: create a separate user account for your child by launching system preferences. Go to the account icon and click the + sign enter the username and password and then click create an account. Have your child invent a unique username, password, and icon. Talk with your child about internet safety; educate your child on the importance of internet privacy and not to share passwords with people they meet online.

Step two: click the box tagged enable parental control-click open parental controls to start modifying the settings for your child’s account.

Step three: select your child’s user account from the left side of the window, click the box only allowed selected applications and click to remove the checkmark beside any application you don’t want your child to use.

Step four: click content at the top of the parental controls – pane under website restrictions, click the box labeled try to limit access to adult websites or chose manually type the list of websites that your child has permission to access.

Step five: click the mail and iChat tab at the parental control’s pane and enter the name and email addresses of the people your child is allowed to connect with online.

Step six: click the time limit tab to restrict the amount of time your children are allowed to spend on the computer on weekdays and on weekends. You can also select a bedtime to automatically log your child out at a certain time each night.

Step seven: track your child’s computer usage by clicking the log tab; see what application has been used, who your child has been chatting with and other useful information for the past year, month, week, or day. An eye on your child’s computer uses, and feel satisfied to know that they are safe.

How to assign short key on a Mac?

If you find yourself constantly the last person to send reports to your Boss at work or you simply want to speed up your time in the office, these steps will save you a lot of time while operating your Mac.

Step one: open system preferences and select keyboard and mouse

Step two: click on the keyboard shortcut tab and then the + icon on the lower left

Step three: choose the application you which to assign the shortcut from the popup menu, however not all application will allow a shortcut key to be set.

Step four: assign a title for the action you wish to perform and the menu title field; you must enter the command exactly as it appears in the application’s menu punctuation marks.

Step five: type the key combination you wish to use as a shortcut in the keyboard shortcut field and then click add. Hold down the command control or option key to start your shortcut and then any numbers or letters not already used.

Step six: view your shortcut next to the command by closing and reopening the application you changed. It will help you to remember your shortcut for future use.

There you have it; easy steps to maximize your Mac laptop. If you have questions or more tips N trick, kindly drop your comments at the comment box below.

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