How You Can Get 30% Conversion to Your Membership Using Automated Webinars


Imagine being able to host a seminar with audiences from all over the planet. As impossible as this may seem, you can achieve it by hosting a webinar. For people who do not know what a webinar is it is simply a web-based seminar that connects the individuals with lots of viewers from every part of the earth.

A webinar is an online based event, presentation, or meeting that is carried out throughout the web in real time. A webinar can be live and also automated. Webinars help entrepreneurs sell their services products and even membership sites by getting them connected with customers all around the web.

If you are in search of a great and easy way to boost your engagement with your audience, then a webinar is what you need at the same time a webinar can help to create a new source of income for your trade.

What are the types of webinars?

As I have mentioned earlier, there are two types of webinars as they live webinars and the automated ones. In this article will be focused on an automated webinar.

A live webinar is pretty self-explanatory. However, an automated webinar simply talks about one that is pre-recorded. This type is nothing close to a live event that is watched by the audience in real time. It is easier for you to run an automated Webinar because it is automatic and also provide flexibility on increases your conversion rate drastically.

The question I want to answer in this article is how you can get a 30% conversion rate to your membership site by using an automated webinar.

A lot of entrepreneurs have enjoyed huge sales on their membership sites by using automated Webinar. An example of an entrepreneur that has benefited from this is Ryan Lee. Ryan has been able to grow his membership site massively and also increase conversion by using easy webinar.

Ryan Lee is an entrepreneur that has been in the digital market industry for a very long time selling his products and services as well as membership sites.

This has greatly helped Ryan to impact individuals with his products and services. This entrepreneur has been able to reach several people through his automated webinars. However, he started with live webinars before he discovered the benefits of an automated webinar.

Just like every other thing, automated webinars have their pros and cons, and I will share them with you.

What are the pros and cons of the automated webinar?


  • an automated webinar helps you get control of your business without having to depend on outside factors
  • an automated webinar is a potent tool
  • an automated webinar helps you to build a better relationship.
  • an automated webinar provides you with higher conversion scalability


  • an automated webinar can be difficult to scale
  • it also put a strain on your energy levels and your voice

How do I get started?

1. use both life and automated webinars

It is very possible for you to combine both life and automated webinars to help scale and impact individuals through the sales of your products and services as well as your membership sites.

2. you can sell low ticket items using webinars

while you sell high ticket courses and questions, you can also sell low ticket items just to boost the conversion rate of your membership sites

3. you have to break even when acquiring clients

make sure to control your traffic by paying enough to get an also manage your customers

4. keep investing in scaling your business

Whatever cash you can generate from your automated webinar make sure to invest it back in your business to help you get the business to scale. It will also help you to maintain your customers for a long time.

5. Constantly test your webinars

Finally and very importantly, ensure that you always test and adjust your automated webinars to ensure that the conversions you are getting are on point.


You can use live and automated webinars in s variety of ways. You can use them to scale your business and also win the trust of customers. Live webinars help to promote interactions between customers and sellers.

An automated webinar is usually more educative informative and also entertaining to your customers and also helps your customers to get a clear insight and more ideas about the products and services you have for sale. both types of webinars can help to draw your customers and teach them more about your product and services and also help them buy them

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