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Top 10 Keyboard Apps For iPhone and iPad in 2020

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It’s no longer news that Apple devices are smart and dominant in the smartphone section. Unlike other mobile operating systems, iOS has its downside, which is its default keyboard; it lacks the basic features.

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However, like Android devices, you can also use a third-party keyboard app to enhance your grammar and keyboard efficiency.

Whether you are already fast on your iPhone or iPad keyboard, improving your grammar with a new keyboard is something you will find interesting.

This article will talk about the great alternatives to the standard iOS keyboard app, and they are all free in the App Store. A few years ago, when Apple came up with its software update (iOS 8), it gave its devices some benefits.

One of such benefits gives the keyboard improved system standard while the other offers users the ability to install third-party keyboard apps.

Although most third-party keyboard apps come with auto correct and predictive text features that are similar to Apple’s default keyboard, some of the best keyboard apps we will be highlighting are more accurate than Apple’s Keyboard, thereby increasing your typing speed and eliminating your typing gaps.

Top 10 Keyboard Apps For iPhone and iPad in 2020


grammarly for iOS

It’s my favourite amongst them all. Grammarly is not only a keyboard but an editor; unlike others, it offers very constructive guidance with improves your writing styles with calculated predictive features, spellchecking, punctuation correction.

With its vocabulary enhancement feature, this fantastic keyboard app is useful when sending professional emails and text, and your receiver will confirm a clear, correct, and communicative message. One of its best features is how it gives you a brief explanation on every correction it has made

Features of Grammarly Keyboard

  • A precise autocorrect system for error-free typing
  • You get to choose which language is best suited for you
  • Every correction comes with an explanation to helps you understand your mistakes and how to avoid them in the future

Download for free



gboard for iOS

Gboard is an app that was created by Google but supported by iOS. It gives the user the ability to perform a quick search on Google within the app, and also share the result with whoever you are texting.

Aside from the search feature, it comes with its unique themes that you can use to transform the user interface of the keyboard.

Other features of this fantastic keyboard app are using the spacebar as a trackpad, swipe typing, auto-correction, 3D Touch functionalities, GIFs, emojis, etc.

Features of Gboard App

  • Spacebar in the Keyboard can be used as a trackpad
  • A long press on the spacebar will trigger a voice dictation with is powered by Google
  • Swift texting
  • Google search directly from the keyboard interface

Download for free


swiftkey for iOS

Are you tired of sending embarrassing messages and later giving excuses for the wrong use of words? Well, if you are SwiftKey Keyboard is for you.

SwiftKey is one of the popular keyboard apps you will find in the Apple Store. It comes with various exciting features like the suggestion bar that is at the top of the keyboard.

It stands out from the default iOS keyboard as it also comes with the ‘flow’ options that enables you to type words while sliding your finger through the keyboard rather than tapping them.

It supports the dark theme and auto-correct feature, emoji prediction, which suggests the best emojis while you type. It’s AI-based and free in the App Store


Features of SwiftKey

  • Autocorrect and predictive text functionalities
  • Supports several languages (90+)
  • You can check the usage statistics which include the number of words typed, words predicted, and distance of the word typed.

Download for free

TouchPal Emoji Keyboard

touchpal for iOS

TouchPal keyboard stands out as one of the best third-party keyboards in the App Store with its conventional design and style, which allows you to tap each letter individually.

Still, as time goes by, the keyboard recognizes your pattern, and then it switches to ‘slide’ mode, and you get to swipe your fingers across the letters to create a word.

With its efficient autocorrect features, which can rival other keyboard apps on this list.

It has an amazing design with several colours and supports themes. TouchPal also gives you the ability to design your own them for the keyboard by taking a picture with your camera and importing it to create your design. It’s free, but it comes with some in-app purchases.

Features of TouchPal Emoji Keyboard

  • It supports emoji prediction
  • Themes are much and also updated regularly

Download here



Fleksy keyboard app is one of the most popular keyboard apps in the App Store. Even though it may not have some of the features, the others have like word suggestions, and it does come with a lot of customization and extensions that can be handy.

It comes with presentable and colourful themes and keyboard sizes and extensions for emojis, GIFs, stickers, and so much more. Need I remind you, it also has gesture support making your typing a bit faster than before?


However, it’s not an easy app to use, but with it, you can get familiar with its features such as the predictive engine, which predicts words with the touch of the space bar rather than typing a word.

You can hide the space bar, but you can make space by swiping your finger to the right or left to add punctuation marks, and you can also increase the size of the keyboard to your preference.

Features of Fleksy Keyboard

  • It’s gesture control features allows you to add punctuations, space, and deletion by swiping across the keyboard
  • Keyboard supports several fonts which you can enable in the settings
  • It has various options for its size

Download here


fancykey for iOS

As the name implies, you would know they would be a lot of customization involved in this app. I give you FancyKey, one of the best keyboard apps with endless customization options.

With over 100 amazing fonts and over 50 integrated themes to choose from, I say it’s quite amazing.

It also has autocorrect and auto prediction features that will make your typing faster and accurate. It’s free in the App Store.

Features of FancyKey

  • Supports one-handed mode
  • Prediction and auto-correct for typing effortlessly
  • It has an emoji keyboard that allows adding of emojis with a single touch

Download here

Blink Keyboard

blink for iOS

As one of the best keyboard app you can find today in the App Store, Blink Keyboard doesn’t support a lot of customizations unlike some of its rivals on this list, but it has features that make it stand out from the rest.


It has a more advanced auto prediction and auto-correct features that deliver you from typos and misspellings. Others are gesture support, one-hand mode, and so much more.

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient keyboard app since you are planning on leaving your default keyboard app behind, I would suggest Blink keyboard.

Its keyboard is resizable, and it supports swipe gestures to help you multitask while you are busy with your other hand.

Features of Blink Keyboard

  • It supports one-hand mode to help you multitask
  • The Keyboard can be split into two for a better experience
  • It supports various themes and fonts

Download here


Bitmoji for iOS

As the name implies, you would know they are emojis involved. Well, Bitmoji is an amazing keyboard app for your iPhone and iPad, and its best suited for those that love using emojis while texting.

Aside, emojis, it comes with all you need to have an efficient typing experience from suggestions to its autocorrect feature. Snapchat users should be familiar with this keyboard app.

Bitmoji also helps to create an avatar of you (emoji-based image), which you can use on different messaging apps.

Features of Bitmoji

  • Express your mood with various avatars available for download
  • You can log in to the app using your Snapchat account

Download here

ReBoard Keyboard

reboard app for iOS Are you looking for a simple and easy keyboard app with less customization? ReBoard Keyboard is just for you. It has what most keyboards have and more.


It has 27 built-in apps to enhance your multitasking efficiency, and these 27 apps can be used to perform different tasks like sharing files, accessing cloud storage, etc. it helps to eliminate the need to switch between apps while you text. This keyboard is revolutionary.

Features of ReBoard Keyboard App

  • It supports more than 18 languages
  • Performs various tasks with help from its 27 mini apps
  • Text deletion by simply swiping on the keyboard

Download here

Go Keyboard

Go keyboard is one of the most used third-party keyboard app found in the App Store as it is customized to suit your usage and need.

Its customization sets the standard as it allows you to customize the interface according to the app in which you are texting with and allows you to express yourself by giving you the ability to design your own them and also adjust the in-between space letter.

It supports swipe typing by swiping your hands across the keys to create a word and also add custom symbols. With the support of over 40 languages. As long as customization is concerned, go keyboard got you covered.

Features of Go Keyboard

  • Supports over 40 different languages
  • Bunch of stickers to make your chats interesting
  • Allows you to adjust the height of the keyboard
  • It supports over 100 colourful theme

Download here

While third-party keyboards give you the feeling, Apple keyboard cannot, you must be cautious while installing such apps because these keyboards can have access to your information. With every beautiful and exciting feature from a third-party app, comes a little or no risk involved and breach of policy.

With the list of keyboards mentioned above, you can finally leave your default keyboard behind and enjoy a whole new world of efficiency and customizations depending on your usage and your choice.

While making up your mind on what keyboard app to install, do well to share your thoughts about this article and give us feedback by using the comments section below.

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