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Make USB Bootable in Just 5-10 Minutes for Windows 10

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Hello Riders, In this article I am gonna show you how to make USB bootable. Because many of you guys have not CD drive in their laptop or a PC desktop to boot system. So they can not able to update their OS without CD drive.

In other way, you may know about bootable USB but, you can not make USB bootable. Many people suffering this kind of problem.

(If you don’t know bootable USB: Mostly people using Bootable USB instead of  Boot DVD. For example, you can format your PC using this Bootable Pendrive. This USB has an ISO image file, a type of disk image composed of data content. This image file usually has an extension .iso. In another language, this is a file to use. But you can not access this file directly. So you have to make USB bootable.)

I was also facing this kind of problem. I had my old desktop. There was no CD drive in my big CPU. I had heard about bootable Pendrive. But, I couldn’t able to make USB bootable. Suffering this problem, I have done some experiments. This experiment became successful. After that, I can make a bootable Pendrive.

At here I will share this experiment. I am happy to share this process with you. And you will know about “How to make USB bootable”. I will share you for Windows. I think this is a very easy way. For Windows

How to make USB Bootable with Command Prompt?

Here are some steps to make bootable Pendrive. Follow the step by step process.

Remember, This will works on Windows Vista, Windows 7 And Windows 8.1.

1. Open a Command prompt as an Administrator. To Open it, Just right-click on it and click on it “Run as Administrator”.

Bootable USB windows 10

2. Enter command diskpart. To open Disk management utility.

3. Now plugin your USB to your laptop.

4. Now enter the command list disk. This will show you the list of connected USB to your laptop. Your USB drive should be listed here. And remember your USB number.

5. Select your USB drive by entering command select disk x. Here “x” will be your USB drive number. (Here I have used 8 GB Pendrive which is disk 1.)

   “Dig Deeper: How to make Windows 10 bootable pendrive”

6. Now enter the command clean. This will erase all data of USB drive.

7. Once the USB drive is clean, type in create partition primary.

8. Type the command select partition 1 and press Enter. You will receive a confirmation message. Then active this partition, type active and press Enter.

9. After that you have to format this drive by typing format fs=fat32. It will takes few minutes.

10. Assign the USB a drive letter. Type the command assign to give the thumb drive a letter designation.

11. Then type exit to end the disk management program.

Once you complete these all above process, you have completed to bootable pendrive.

Your bootable USB is ready now.


Not yet all.. One thing you have to do is remaining. You have to copy the ISO image file to your Bootable USB.

To do that, you have to keep attached USB drive to your PC and then copy the image file to Pendrive. After that you will be able to use bootable Pendrive.

If you have any problem, comment me on comment box and tell me on Twitter and Facebook.

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