MTN Tariff Plan and Benefits

MTN Tariff Plan

MTN Nigeria seems to be the outstanding mobile network when it comes to taking advantage of these attractive and excellent Nigeria tariff plans.

There are plenty of MTN tariffs plans which are available for everyone, including MTN subscription plans and MTN postpaid plans.

MTN Nigeria has cancelled many of its tariff plans without notice of cancellation or public recognition. But luckily, they’ve introduced more amazing pricing plans that suit everyone.

How to Switch to the MTN Tariff Plans?

MTN offers several different pricing packages, packages that leave you with little choice on the best pricing plan.

Here’s how to switch to any of the MTN tariff plan;

  • Insert your MTN SIM card
  • Turn on your cell phone
  • Dial *123#
  • Select 1 to migrate the tariff plan
  • Select 1 for BetaTalk
  • Select 2 for Press
  • Select 3 for XtraSpecial
  • Select 4 for XtraValue
  • You will be immediately relocated.

MTN mPulse Plan

MTN mPulse is the latest MTN tariff plan, which is mainly used for educational purposes. However, it also comes with other packages that will suit your lifestyle, especially your internet life. Among other things, the availability of a data plan.

With this pricing plan, you can enjoy free WhatsApp, free streaming, free data, and more. In the meantime, you can also get 1.2GB for the N150, but there’s a solid secret chain attached to it.

The MTN mPulse plan also offers two different types of data plans, a 100MB weekly plan on the N50 and a 14-day 350MB plan on the N150, but they are intended for students with the mPulse rate to access the mPress site.

How to Switch to MTN mPulse

There are three different ways to switch to this plan; you can use USSD code, message box or through MyMTNApp, the official company program to control and manage your SIM.

  • Dial *344*1#
  • Send the text “mPulse” to 131.
  • or download MyMTNApp

When you activate, subscribe or migrate to the MTN tariff plan, you will benefit from the following advantages:

  • 25MB WhatsApp data bonus on the first charge of a calendar month.
  • Bonus data on the first charge in a calendar week.
  • N200 prize game for your birthday

MTN XtraValue

The MTN XtraValue package is a package adapted to the wishes and needs of subscribers: broadcast time and data packages.

If you want the best MTN tariff plan that offers both broadcast time and data browsing plan or the best MTN tariff plan for calls and data, XtraValue will suit your lifestyle!

Fortunately, the plan is for all subscribed customers. This means that you don’t have to buy new SIM cards to benefit from the contract. MTN XtraTalk packages offer more time for voice calls than the amount of data.

This means that if you are a businessman or a businesswoman, you can easily subscribe to this part of the plan. Where you can make more calls, send messages to your customers and more.

The XtraValue plan includes MTN XtraTalk Bundles and MTN XtraData Bundles.

How to Migrate to the XtraValue Plan

You can easily subscribe to any plan you want. Currently, the XtraValue pricing plan does not include subscribers or migration codes. You need to migrate or subscribe to one of the packages to get started.

To easily switch, activate or subscribe to an XtraValue plan, you must subscribe to one of the XtraValue packages. To do this, dial *131*2# and select the desired package type. You will automatically subscribe to the package.

You can check the status of your XtraValue package by dialling *556# or *559*61#. You can also text any of the following favourite XtraValue plan keywords to 131 to sign up for the plan.


MTN Awuf4U is part of MTN Tariff plan that will reward customers with an extra 200% for every N100 top-up and a 300% bonus for every previous N100 top-up when topped up with a unique code, *888*PIN# or via VTU.

How to Recharge MTN AwuF4u

The MTN AwuF4u bonus gives you a 200% bonus for each reload less than N100 and a 300% bonus for each reload timeless than N100 and higher. Call this code *888*PIN#, for N100, N400 on your Awuf4U account.

And keep it up, even with the N400 you get the N1,600, and also with the N750 you get the N3,000. Here’s how the combined plan works:

  • If you top up the N100, you will receive the N400 on your Awuf4U account or the N100 (top-up value) + N300 (bonus)
  • If you top up N400, you will receive N1,600 on your Awuf4U or N400 account (top-up value) + N1,200 (bonus)
  • If you top up the N750, you will receive N3,000 to your Awuf4U or N750 account (top-up value) + N2,250 (bonus)
  • If you top up with N1,500, you will receive N6,000 on your Awuf4U or N1,500 (top-up value) + N4,500 (bonus) account

Each of the plans is valid for 14 to 30 days, from N100, N400, N750 and even N1,500. Fortunately, the AWUF4U offer is available to all MTN subscribers and postpaid users. You can check your Awuf4U balance by dialling USSD code *559*14#.

MTN Pulse Plan

MTN Pulse Plan is part of the MTN tariff plan which has a prepaid rate plan that allows you to enjoy a FLAT rate of 11kobo/sec for calls on ALL local Networks in Nigeria after the first 50 seconds of calling at 25K/sec.

With MTN Pulse, “the more you talk, the more you laugh, and the more you love”.

MTN pulse Plans provide an incredible opportunity for all ambitious singers, passionate fashion designers, tech geeks and budding entrepreneurs. Where you can easily switch to this MTN tariff plan, join the community of brave people and loving spirits who aren’t afraid to speak their mind.

How to Migrate to the MTN Pulse Plan

To switch to the MTN pulse rate plan, dial *406# or 406 to 131, or *406*1# or *123*22#. Fortunately, all prepaid MTN users can upgrade to the MTN pulse plan.

All campuses (universities, polytechnics, colleges, nursing schools, police academies, etc.) and their surroundings are considered a “boost zone” in MTN’s new boost plan.

MTN BetaTalk Tariff Plan

Another MTN tariff plan is MTN BetaTalk that offers incentive bonus offers. Unlike other regular price packages, BetaTalk price packages offer calling and data packages for surfing the Internet.

MTN BetaTalk is one of the newest and best fares in Nigeria. The Mtn BetaTalk Plan includes 200% extra broadcast time per charge for every charge of N100 and above!

How to Migrate to MTN BetaTalk

To migrate to this MTN tariff plan and to enjoy this service you need to call *123*2*1# or send an SMS to 131. After switching to a new one, you have to wait a month. You can now take advantage of the exclusive bonus offer and more.

Please note that this plan is only eligible for subscribed customers and users, MTN postpaid users CANNOT upgrade to this MTN tariff plan. If a BetaTalk plan user replenishes their account with less than N100, they will receive an additional 150% of the broadcast time. You can charge via *555*pin# and verify the package by dialling *556#.

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