Pegasystems Pega Certified System Architect PEGAPCSA85V1

Technical staff members and the developers who are up to date on the development of the Pega Application need the certification of the Pega Certified System Architect PSCA of 8.5 version.

This certification is the system architect certification’s first level, and the measurements that are baseline are provided on the Pega application knowledge.

The scenario questions, MCQs, and drag/drop items are included in examining the PCSA version 8.5. The Clapgeek exam Pegasystems is PEGAPCSA85V1, and the language in the exam is English.

About PEGAPCSA85V1 Certification :

For CRM and BPM applications, the software development tool is known as Pega. 

Developing enterprise and web applications doesn’t need coding or programming.

It is the engine of the Java backend. So hence it is proved that it is not that tough to appear.

It is the business process management tool that is established by the legal system and is used for the creation of and management of applications that are web-based with less effort used. In the applications that are web-based most of the components are built by the use of Pega.

As a student, the Pega is very useful as we know it is difficult to get the knowledge that is practically based. If you are interested in working on Pega and working with the companies working on Pega after graduation, this certificate will be helpful.

In cloud software for the engagement of customers and excellence in operations, the Pega is the Top/ Leader.

On the Pega AI-powered software, the world’s best and most successful brand relies on customer interaction optimization on any channel while their brand’s promises are kept ensured.

The low code application of Pega for development platform that is allowing the quick building of applications and evolving the application for the meeting the needs of customers and employees. And on a global scale, digital transformation is driven.

The higher customer satisfaction, lower costs, and lifetime value increment of the customer are enabled by the Pega from the 35 years above.

Exam Outline Of PEGAPCSA85V1 Dumps

The main thing to know about any exam certification is its exam outline, which contains domains/topics of the exam. For PEGA PCSA 85V1, you have to be an expert in these domains and should have basic knowledge and experience of all of these objectives:

Case Management: 28%

Case lifecycle, statuses, and the stages are designed and the additions in the task. Service level agreements addition with the urgency configuration.

The process of approval is then configured, and the approval is cascaded. Email correspondence is configured and sent, duplicate cases are identified, and optional actions are added.

On the decision step, the conditions are configured, and the stages/processes are skipped. Case processing is resumed and paused, and the pdf file is attached with the case. In the case the actions are automated, the decisions and decision tables are also automated.

Data and Integration: 18%

This includes the configuration of the data type and the creation of the relationships and objects of data. Calculated values are then created and identified, and the data is validated with the creation and the configuration of the data validation rule by the logic of business.

The data is saved to the system’s records, and then the data is captured and presented.

Security: 7%

Assignments of the user’s roles are managed, and the policies for security are configured in this task. Data changes are tracked and audited.

DevOps: 7%

The rules of unit tests are used, and the scenario-based cases are created and further executed. For the unit test configuration, the best/ top practices are identified.

User Interface: 16%

The interface element is customized for the user, and the sets of actions are configured. Appearance, controls, and settings of visibility customization form. The field’s addition or removal and in views the fields of groups.

The data of the list is displayed in views, enabling the repetition of the dynamic layouts to be configured, and the content of the application is localized. The accessibility features in the applications are enabled.

Application Development: 12%

Development of the application is managed, and the stories of the users, bugs, and feedback are also managed. Pega project’s roles are identified and the rules, inheritance, and classes creation and maintenance take place.

In memory, the data is viewed by tools of clipboard and work page. The errors in the applications are debugged.

Reporting: 7%

Create and identify the business reports and types of reports, and this task also includes the column and filter usage.

Mobility: 5% 

The channels of the mobile app are configured, and the mobile preview of Pega is used.

Before Appearing For Exam:

The Pearson VUE proctor the exam of PCSA Pega Certified System Architect. If there is not any Pearson VUE account before, the user should create it first and then register through the Pearson VUE site for the Exam.

There are two different Delivery Options for the exam:

  1. Exam should be taken at the test center
  2. By online proctored delivery, the exam can be taken.

Exam Details Of Pega PCSA 85V1 Certification Exam:

You should know about the basic details of the Pega PCS Certification so that you can prepare for the exam according to a specific pattern. 

  • Exam Name:                                 Pega Certified System Architect.
  • Exam Code:                                  PEGAPCSA85V1
  • Exam Fee:                                    175 USD.
  • Exam duration:                            90 minutes.
  • Number Of Questions:                60.
  • Passing Score:                            65%.
  • Exam Format:                              Multiple Choice Questions.

All of these basic things are minor but are essential to know before applying for exam certification.

Exam Guide:

The pegapcsa85v1 question is an important exam to qualify for, and you can prepare it both online and by any of the academies; for online preparations, you can go through different study materials available at different websites such as ProcessExam,, and other websites.

They will provide you with online courses, study materials like exam guides, pdf files, exam dumps, online lectures, sample questions, and other basic things to clear your mind and improve your skills


Pega PCSA exam is a pathway to being an experienced developer and Architect so you can follow this study guide for PEGA PCSA 85V1 exam preparations. 

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