The Legendary C. K. Nayudu

Sportspeople have a relatively limited time in which they can perform at a top level. Punters can go to 1xBet India – best cricket betting sites platform, and use it to wager on the best athletes in this sport.

The reason is simple. The physical features of individuals start to degrade over time. Injuries become more frequent, and slowly people lose the abilities for which they were well-known.

However, the case of Cottari Kanakaiya Nayudu is quite interesting. Better known as C. K. Nayudu, he was an Indian cricketer whose last match as a professional player took place when he was already 68 years old. The 1xBet India platform is the best cricket betting site to use to wager on the best and most capable cricketers from all over the world. This achievement basically speaks about an exceptional and extremely rare physical condition.

An extremely long career

Nayudu’s professional career began in 1916. The first team for which he performed was the Hindus team that participated in the Bombay Triangular of that year. He showed some exceptional performances while playing against the European team. When wagering on the best cricket teams, it is also possible to explore 1xBet and see the wagering options.

Throughout his career, the player performed on multiple competitions such as:

  • the Ranji Trophy;
  • various Test matches;
  • and the aforementioned Bombay Triangular.

Nayudu also represented the national team between 1932 and 1936. During those years he played various Test matches against teams like Australia and England. The 1xBet website is a fantastic platform that punters can use to wager on those and many other cricket squads from all over the world.

Last appearances

The regular career of C. K. Nayudu lasted all the way into the year 1957. He scored more than fifty runs during his last match. In this event he played for the Uttar Pradesh team, and was already 62 years old at the time, which was an impressive feat in its own right. Punters can check live table tennis – India 1xBet also features excellent opportunities to wager on cricket that takes place in this country.

However, Nayudu’s career still had one final chapter. It took place in 1964. He was personally invited by the governor of Maharashtra to play a charity match against a team selected by the Chief Minister of the same state. He was already 68 years old at the time. The 1xBet India website allows its members to check live table tennis matches and also great information about what is happening in many cricket events.

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