The Most Important Considerations to Be Observed When Buying a Serialization App

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There is a new set of DQSA regulations that were set in 2017. That’s why the pharmaceutical industry and its investors are making sure that they will be able to comply to these through proper serialization. However, this should be done immediately while avoiding any rush procedures to happen to avoid damage to the company’s reputation. That’s why certain key serialization app factors must be considered to ensure that pharmaceutical products can be legally serialized for the public to benefit. Here are the following:

Longevity As a Service

This type of software isn’t as common as cloud monitoring systems. That’s why a serialization software must be proven and tested to be a useful tool for the future. To meet the demand for a long-lasting software, it has to contain a good quality. It must be fast and reliable to complete various tasks and challenges in regards with serialization. This also means that the system must be frequently updated to meet these strict guidelines set by the DQSA.


Since serialization is a very serious legal matter, purchasing the right serialization app means that the app or company should have a good reputation. It’s very easy to check a proven and tested app as the help of social media and product reviews can easily be searched in just a few taps or clicks. One of the factors that define an app with a good reputation is when its developers can eliminate bugs quickly, and if the app is streamlined at the same time.


Serialization apps, and even most apps nowadays, should contain a user interface that’s very easy to operate. The design of the app should never leave anyone confused in the first place and should be guided well by the software to ensure a faster learning process when using the program. One nice tip about this is to see if the system is providing a spacious dashboard to perform multiple tasks. That is one example of a good user interface.


The cost of owning the serialization app and the personnel who will handle it is reflected upon your budget. After all, serialization apps are needed to be reviewed and tested properly for a company’s purpose. That’s why the company owner needs to plan things out first before actually purchasing the product. Be sure to ask about the costs of the infrastructure and hardware needed for the serialization app to fully operate as well and be sure to ask potential hidden charges as well.

These factors are extremely important to observe whenever serialization is involved. Serialization is a process that must be planned over and over to ensure that it will be able to follow certain regulations within the pharmaceutical industry. So never invest in an app if there is a lack of a clear and precise strategy for the sake of the company’s long-term goals in serialization. After all, the strategy involved will affect the ROI in the end.

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