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Saturday, December 2, 2023

Things to Consider Before Buying a Smart TV

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Are you shopping for a new TV? The new ones are large, flat and skinny! Better yet, they are capable of receiving High Definition signals and now can connect directly to the internet!

Why would you want to do that? Do you like to surf the internet? Does your family want to watch online subscription movie downloads from Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV+ or play online games? You can do all of these things with the click of your remote on a Smart TV.

You can do anything on your large screen Smart TV that you do on your laptop or smart phone. You can connect your phone or camera with an HDMI cable and send pictures to your Face Book and Instagram site or use your Twitter account.

Many smart TVs have outputs for your Blu-Ray player and speakers, so that you can set up a home theater system. Check the definition of the screen you are choosing, you will want to enjoy 1080p High Definition viewing. Cable or satellite can be easily connected and set up on your Smart TV.

Once you decide that a Smart TV is for you, shop carefully. Check brand reviews online and then go to your local appliance outlet to see them in action.

Ask to try one so you can find out how it works and choose the most user friendly one you can find. Sometimes the most expensive is not necessarily the best choice. Ask the salesman which brands are returned the most often as well. A careful choice prevents after purchase problems.

If you already have home internet you know that dial up is not friendly to movie downloads and games. You do not necessarily need the highest internet speed sold either. The average speed may work fine and is worth trying before you upgrade to a more expensive plan.

When you bring your Smart TV home, be patient! There should be online instructions for setup. You will have to type in your router code, and you may have to shut down and then restart your internet to get the TV synced with your system.

You can add apps to your menu just like you do on your smart phone. There are many free apps and sites and some that are subscription. Online music is also available for sites such as Pandora.

What are the downsides

Only one – the internal setup for the internet connection may stop functioning. If the TV is still working, just purchase a Roku or Amazon Fire Stick, slide it into the HDMI slot, and connect to the internet that way!

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