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Top 14 Cool Android Apps You Should Get Right Now

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The Google Play Store has billions of games and applications and millions are being approved and added daily.

While the Play Store’s algorithm suggests app and games based on our preferences and app usage habits, it is very easy to still miss some of the apps.

Top Cool Android Apps You Should Get

Google might suggest the most popular applications instead of the best applications you need. Here are some of the best cool android applications you should have on your phone

1. Netflix

Netflix App Cool Android App

Netflix and chill have become a slang that many of us now associate with. The video streaming service is available in different countries and its subscription plans are quite affordable. It gives access to some of the best series, movies and documentaries.

The Netflix app for Android is one of the best entertainment application with loads of features. There is also a feature that allows users to download movies to watch offline. Download Netflix

2. Keep Notes

Keep-Notes Cool Android App

Keep Notes by Google is arguably one of the best notes taking app on the Google Play Store. The application s designed to help you quickly jot down notes. The interface is beautiful, simple and allows categorization of notes with labels.

Notes are synchronized automatically to your Google Account and across devices. Notes can also be accessed from Mac/PC by visiting the Google Keep website. Download Keep Notes

3. Gboard

Ever since I left Touchpal for Gboard, I haven’t looked back. This keyboard is the best I have used as it is feature packed and more features are being added (there is now clipboard feature).

Auto-correct, swipe to type, stickers and gif search, personal sticker creation, theme support, prediction and training and so much more are available.

Even the local language support is appreciated and there are simply no faults in this app. Gboard has everything your favourite keyboard has and many more. Download GBoard

4. Fluid Navigation Gesture

iPhone users may say we took this from them, well they have also borrowed many features from us. Gesture navigation was introduced alongside iPhone X and since then several Android OEMs have implemented gesture based-based navigation on their devices.

Google has added the option to Android 9 Pie and there have been improvements on Android 10 Q but sadly, they are not as sleek as that of the iPhone.

Fluid Navigation Gestures application is tailored to give the best gesture navigation experience possible on your smartphone.

With improvements that will put OEMs to shame, and make them up to their game. The app is free and there is an option to get a few more customizations for a token. Download Fluid Navigation

5. Tapet WallPaper | Backdrops

Tapet uses offline algorithms to generate beautiful and stunning wallpapers tailored for your device in the highest resolution possible. Swiping Right automatically generates a new wallpaper while swiping up or down generates a new colour gradient for the wallpaper.

It generates an endless amount of wallpaper offline. But if you are searching for something that is updated daily with beautiful images designed by professionals, then Backdrops is your best bet.

The app offers unique and well-designed wallpapers for a reasonable price. Download Tapet | Download Backdrops

6. PUGB Mobile

PUGB Mobile came and took the gaming world by storm, gathering large numbers of users that governments were aware of its influence. The game is now one of the best mobile games and fan favourites among gamers.

The battle royale offers a mobile experience that is as close to its PC and console Version as possible. If you need a quick and intense gunfight game, add PUGB to your archive. Download PUGB Mobile

7. Turbo VPN

Privacy and security is now a major concern in the world today and internet users have to step up to secure themselves. Using a VPN is gives you the privacy you need to keep prying eyes away from your information. Turbo VPN is the best free VPN you can get on the Google Play Store.

The only price you have to pay is watching a few advertisements here and there (that helps keep the app free anyway). Download Turbo VPN

8. Tenta Browser

Incognito mode in browsers doesn’t keep you invisible from snooping and hardly protects. How about a browser that can truly protect you?

Enters Tenta Browser, with built-in VPN, 100% smart incognito with DNS and IP address all protected, and complete AES-256 data encryption. What’s more, you can sign up now get 2 years of FREE VPN. Download Tenta Browser

9. Story Maker

Instagram Stories are very popular and the Story Maker is the best application you need for your stories. Story maker helps you create stunning layouts for your images before posting them to Instagram Stories.

Using this app makes your Instagram Stories more appealing and beautiful than using unedited images. Download Story Maker

10. Files by Google

File by Google is absolutely a must have app on every phone. This little file app formerly known as Files Go helps manage your Android device files and clear up junks and duplicate files to create space.

It also has a built-in file sharing feature that rivals xender. Download Files By Google

11. Microsoft Launcher

If you depend more on Microsoft apps like Cortana, Office 365 and other features like Microsoft Family for your daily activities then this Launcher is for you. The Microsoft launcher brings all these features to your fingertips.

With a Microsoft account or work/school account, you can access your calendar, documents, and recent activities in your personalized feed.

You can even open photos, docs and web pages on your Windows PC* to be productive across all your devices. Download Microsoft Launcher

12. Adobe Lightroom CC

Finding the right photo editing tool for your phone is a must if you love editing pictures on the go. The Adobe Lightroom CC app for Android provides you with all the professional tools you need to edit any image, anywhere, anytime. Download Lightroom CC

13. Google Podcast

Google podcasts applications allow you to listen to your favourite podcasts free and on the go. The app has a simple design, is clutter free and gives you options to subscribe to your favourite podcasts, alongside a notification reminder so you don’t miss anything. Google sure knows how to create nice applications. Download Google Podcast

14. Social Media and Instant Messaging and Work Space

This part of this list simply contains the apps you have already been using or planning to use. Nevertheless, the list will not be complete without them. Here are the best Social Media and messaging apps I use.

Download WhatsApp (WhatsApp Tips and Tricks for iPhone)

Download Twitter
Download Telegram (Should you use Telegram or WhatsApp)
Download Slack (See some of the Slack Tips we have compiled)

What is your favorite application? Think we have missed anything please let us know by dropping a comment

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