Understanding the Strategy of Serve-and-volley in Tennis

At first glance tennis might look like a simple sport. People see two players hitting a ball back and forth.

However, this sport has a surprising layer of complexity and a huge deal of strategy involved. Kabaddi also has lots of strategy, and the website can be visited to wager on plenty of events from this discipline.


In tennis there are basically two main kinds of strategies. One of them is the baseline game. This is when a player decides to stay in the baseline and try to hit from there.

These players might go forward only when a great opportunity arises, or when their opponents force them to do so.

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The other main strategy is known as serve-and-volley. In simple terms, this is a tactic where a player, immediately after serving, will attempt to approach the net and try to hit the ball without allowing it to bounce.

Quick Points

The main idea behind serve-and-volley is to try to finish a point as fast as possible. You can start betting on online kabaddi league at 1xBet at any moment, and also do your wagers as greatly and as quickly as possible.


Yet, there are other reasons for which a player might want to use a serve-and-volley approach. For example, it can be very effective against players with a non-powerful backhand.

Also, it can be a huge element of surprise that might confuse the opposing player on how to face a point.

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Great Players Who Used This Strategy

There are many players who were extremely successful by employing a serve-and-volley strategy.

They were capable of combining highly accurate shorts with fast runs that allowed them to approach the net and surprise their opponents.

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Some of the best players who frequently used this approach include:

  • Patrick Rafter;
  • Pete Sampras;
  • John McEnroe:
  • Stefan Edberg;
  • and Boris Becker.

Most players who employ this strategy decide to go to the net only after the first serve. This is because the first serve is normally much more powerful and leaves the receiver in a less comfortable position.

However, others are even more aggressive, using the strategy with the second serve as well. Right now the best tennis odds, live scores, and statistics can be found at 1xBet, where players that use different strategies are featured.


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