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Tuesday, August 3, 2021
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Vivo Patents Another Pop Up Feature

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When it comes to trying out new features as regards getting through bezel-less smartphones, Oppo and Vivo have always been at the fore front, with outrageous designs.

Vivo is one of the pioneers of the mechanical pop-up camera as a means to achieving high screen to body ratio as not everyone prefers the notched screen.

dual pop up vivo
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Though there is already a hole in screen (first thought to be indisplay) features for accommodating cameras, Vivo is still pursuing the mechanical pop-up option as they seek to improve on the feature.

Vivo has already patented what looks like a dual camera selfie pop up feature for its smartphones. One notable feature absent from the Vivo pop-ups and notch screens is a secondary selfie camera and/or a LED flash.

This patent was spotted by duct tech blog MobielKopen and was awarded by China’s National Intellectual Property Administration. This feature may allow Vivo to add a second camera module or a flash or Vivo may even improve upon the idea to allow both.

Though the pop-ups have been criticised mostly in the west as the mechanical parts are said to be susceptible to faults easily. Xiaomi tried to correct this by using a magnetic pop up in the Mi Mix 3 but it is limited to only about 300,000 pop ups.

Vivo is currently a household name in the East and they may not really care about Europe anytime soon as their devices focus more on flamboyant designs than structural integrity (though the Vivo Nex S camera survived torture)

Right now, it is Vivo Versus Oppo competing to see who dominated the pop up camera world.

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