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5 Critical Questions You Have to Answer Before You Build Your Website

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Building an online business identity from the roots is as important as your very own existence in the real world. That is the reason you must be prompt when you decide to spring up online business visibility and its presence.

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Need I remind you, there are a lot of strategies out there that you will need to establish your business visibility to a wide range of audiences and prospective clients?

Even though you can use various websites to plant your feet, you must choose a strategy that will work best for your business in the long term.

As you start putting things together to create a website or webpage for your business, there are some crucial questions you need to answer.

What is my budget?

While developing a business idea is cool, converting that idea into a business website is expensive. But you can start with a small website which will require a few from your pocket, or you can go the extra mile to create the website yourself.

Before you go into creating a website, you should have thought about how much money you are will to spend on it and how far you are willing to go with the brand you are presenting to the internet. Spending can include social media integration, local SEO additions, marketing strategies, campaigns, designs, and image optimization.

Since you are creating a website for your business, its best you have all this in mind to help bring out the digital presence of your business. Remember, whatever you put out there is what you want your clients to know about you wherever they are.

Will I be generating money from the website?

Setting up an e-commerce website is one part; earning money from the site is another part entirely. With the help of Affiliate marketing, you can make money from your website.

It is the best method you can apply, but that is the basic. Earning more using affiliate marketing requires you to figure a way to place your ads on specific places to yield maximum results.

Bear in mind that you can only get good engagements on your website with quality content. Depending on the quality of your website content, you can draw hundreds and thousands of visitors each month.


Gaining more from affiliate will require loads of information; thereby, it’s advisable to redesign your business website into a blog.

Will my website support e-commerce?

A lot of upcoming business uses e-commerce on their websites. They only use the site to display the majority of their products and their contacts.

It is an impressive way to create a brand online, where you utilize e-commerce to increase the sales of your product and services.

While it is also essential to know that you need to dedicate your resources and efforts to develop an e-commerce website, it will require engagements with your customers. You should be able to deliver a strategy besides providing your products to your customers.

Do I need the help of a content management system (CMS)?

It’s common knowledge that content management systems increase the functionality of your website. With common Contents Systems like WordPress, Joomla, and the others on your beck and call, your site will need a little maintenance.

With the help of a professional web developer, you can ease yourself the stress on with CMS to use, and the professionals can deliver a unique website that is based on your brand and miles apart from others.

And if you choose to hire the service of a professional web developer, it should be the one that is familiar with working with the latest SEO techniques, good sense of design and functionality that stand out among others.

If they (professionals) will be working with WordPress, I will suggest they add the service of WooCommerce for desirable results.

Do I need to set up a blog?

Why do you need to set up a blog about your business? Blogging is a way to present information either by a person or business. Statistically, 47% of the people that carry out business transactions must have read different blogs, which prompted them to contact the company.

The role blogging plays in your business is that it keeps it online and open every day and anytime. Posting quality content on your business blogs can earn you more money than you think, and they bring the clients closer to you.


Once you have answered these five questions laid before you, then you are good to go in building your business website that will show the strength and also determine the success of your business. Do well to share other questions that worked for you, and we will be glad to add them to the list.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts and feedback about this article by using the comments section below.

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