Airpods 2: New Features to Come

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When AirPods came on board recently, a lot of Apple lovers went online to place their orders and right now some people are considering purchasing a pair.

If you’re currently considering getting yourself a pair of this earphones, well it is actually cool, but that might not be the perfect idea at the moment.

In this article, we are telling you everything that you need to know about Apple’s AirPods and the reasons why you should either get them now or wait a little longer.

If you have decided to go to the nearest apple store to get your pair of airpods, waiting a little bit will be a very nice decision for a couple of reasons.

There are rumors everywhere on the internet that Apple is preparing to launch a new version of this wonderful earphones and they are speculated to have some significant difference from the ones available right now.

The new version which will be named AirPods 2, is supposed to come with a couple of new upgraded features.

As we all know the current AirPods have wonderful sound quality but we just might be getting a better bass in the one that is to come.

Nevertheless, it has been claimed that the next generation of airpods will not just be wireless earphones.

The engineers at Apple are most likely going to take things a notch higher by including health and fitness features.

This is going to make the next airport not only a music listening device but also want that takes care of some healthcare issues.

Something else that has been put in consideration is biometric sensors that will be used in measuring heart rate.

It might also be possible for you to track down your burnt calories, but we are working out.

These earphones will not only be handy and helpful, but they will be very useful for athletes and individuals who enjoy training and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

That isn’t all the new apple airport to will have to offer rumor also has it that they would come with built-in personal assistant just like Siri.

This built-in personal assistant will be able to provide answers to different questions that the user might ask, they might also be able to provide directions when you need them, and they would also be able to help with some tasks that you have to do with your smartphone.

Now we have an insight into some of the fantastic features that will be coming with the new generation of airports however we just are wondering how much they would cost.

As at the time of this article, there is no news about how much it will cost, but some analysts claim that the price might just remain very similar to what current airport cost.

If the claims of these analysts are anything to go by, then it just appears that Apple may just be releasing another product that will be successful in the market.

The current price of airports can be considered totally fair and well deserved if the new airport will be coming with all of these features that we have listed.

Apple is yet to make any official announcement about when AirPods 2 will be released, but a lot of people believe that before June 2019 the updated version of airports will be in the market.

And in the early month of 2020, we should be ready to welcome a completely redesigned version that will be created with lots of new features and an upgraded quality.

Some analysts that have had to travel overseas to visit some apple production facilities claim that the company has already begun producing some units of the product however they still have refused to provide an exact date for its release.

Now you see why it is advisable that you save up your money and be patient still the improved version of airports is unleashed into the market.

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