How to Recover Lost Files with CMD

Recover Deleted Files

As we operate data in our computers or other storage devices too often, data loss accidents happen every now and then. If you just deleted files by Delete, they were thrown into recycle bin, where you can restore them by using Restore. But if you use Shift + Delete to delete files or empty files … Read more

How to Bond with Your Employees Effectively?

man in black suit jacket writing on a paper

Every single company today needs employees who are energetic and who bring the best version of themselves to work. Businesses need this not just from top performers but from every employee. The single component that makes a distinction from one company to another more than anything else is its people and the effort they put … Read more

Ways to Delete Duplicate Files in Windows

Duplicate Files Fixer

Duplicate files share the largest part in total redundant files on any system. You can find this digital junk in different types & forms like duplicate photos, audio & music files, videos, documents & texts, songs, emails and others. While these files generate and accumulate due to various reasons, it becomes hard to de-duplicate your … Read more