What Are the Most Beneficial Ecommerce Strategies? Tips From Famous Brands

Being successful is too different for everyone of us. We have travelled too long path to be where we are now. The point is that the companies have made a lot of efforts to look the way they have.

Every elegant movement could cost sleepless nights for thousands of workers and managers. Luckily, there is no need to suffer pain as we can learn from someone’s experience.

When you ask a famous business owner, we mean huge serious brands, how they started and what made them look they now as they are – we will see a very interesting picture.

Everyone saw success in a very different way but their life story helps other brands find their way. The reason of it can be very simple as people want to have a whole story no matter how complicated it was, bin this case they feel something catching.

We prepared for you 20 ideas how to improve your ecommerce marketing strategies, that are, in fact, stories from brands who have already coped with that all. Spend half an hour with us to get immersed into tips that lead once unknown names to success. You will feel more inspired later when share your story with other newcomers.

Make payment procedure as simple as ABC

People don’t like parting with money and making the process too difficult will be yet more proof that it can be not so unnecessary.

Don’t let people hesitate: make payments, simple, quick and convenient. Interesting fact, create an optimized checkout page and add PayPal payments – it is one more popular and convenient way to spend money from all over the world.

Get feedbacks from clients

Rich description is half of the business, but real people reaction means more. However, you will have to offer clients something like a discount coupon for next purchase or something like that (Omismedia.com is ecommerce platform that make your services better every day ) as they are going to perform a great work for you.

Boost up your copywriting

Word is a powerful element that can do really a lot. Functional focusing like cloth colour or its type calls no emotions, while shopping is mostly emotional process. Add some words about advantages of your items like a dress for nice cocktail parties to boost confidence in yourself.

Work with retained carts

There are thousands of reasons why it happened. In the beginning, you can check the following places: how simple your registration process is (only key information should be taken like name and phone or e-mail); all conditions (delivery, service fees, minimal order etc) are evident from the very beginning; can the order be made without registration.

Ask influencers to help you

People are likely to accept advice if it comes from relatives or friends, or there is an expert from the field and his or opinion is important for your client. Think, who can taste your products and tell about them to the audience.

Use social networks

Places like Facebook and Twitter are highly famous for brands nowadays. They are places where people feel more relaxed, they are not interested in buying there, but ready to discuss your product, ask you some questions about it and, maybe, participate in some your activities like quizzes, polls and so on.

Launch webinars

Be the brand whose idea is not only to sell, but do something for people. For example, if you sell coffee equipment prepare information about coffee making in different countries, how to select coffee correctly and what are secrets of finely boiled coffee.

Your products here should be represented to show how to achieve these goals, not just for selling sake.

Collect, ask and answer the questions that are already known and should be asked

Analyze forums, Amazon pages with feed backs, complaints and what people ask about products that you have.

Think how this information can be installed into your descriptions, probably a FAQ page can be created. On the one hand, you will be helpful. On the other hand, if you have some information about keywords in your field, you may attract some more clients.

Use simple ecommerce marketing platforms

Of course, you want something unique and special. But creative idea will certainly require complex code solutions.

There is nothing bad in starting on popular platforms like Shopify that will offer everything you need on the start, while you can shift to something different when understand general ideas well.

Offer fast delivery

The idea Order today till 5 pm and get it tomorrow seems to be prominent, but why wait if it can be done today. Your client will be happy to get the item after a tiring working day when he can spend the whole evening discovering its features and options, rather than getting it in a hurry when the boss is pushing and things are on fire.

So, our question is:

What did you do to get to the place where you are now?

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