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7 Best Apple TV Apps to Use

Apple TV has certainly come a long way since its initial launch in January 2007.

Originally unveiled as a plaything for the brand, by the time the fifth-generation 4K Apple TV arrived in 2017, it had cemented itself as a credible platform for consumers keen to cut the cord and avoid the need for satellite television.

The latest Apple TV models are designed to support ground-breaking 2160p output, while Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos is also used to create a more refined audio experience.

Combine these technical advancements with the launch of the Apple TV App Store and it is easy to see why Apple TV has become a mainstream entertainment source for households worldwide, providing a more rounded experience than competitor devices like the Chromecast.

Let’s check out the most impressive Apple TV apps you can download from the App Store to enhance your Apple TV experience.

1. Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade is a subscription service catering for the video gamer within you. Launched last September, it provides unlimited access to more than 100 free games that are advertising-free.

One monthly subscription gives access for up to six family users, with the ability to download the action to play on your Apple TV offline or online.

Apple’s teamed up with iconic video game developers to reboot legendary console characters like Sonic the Hedgehog and Rayman for your gaming pleasure.

2. Yoga Studio

Yoga Studio apple TV app

Perfect for when you can’t get to your local yoga class, Yoga Studio brings the class to your living room.

With yoga classes streamed in full high-definitionand using teacher commentary that’s simple to follow, Yoga Studio is ideal for experienced yoga enthusiasts as well as those keen to try something new to be kinder to their mind and body.

The app’s teacher Rodney Yee has developed classes ranging from beginner to advanced poses and practices, spanning a broad base of abilities.

3. PokerStars

If you have been a poker fan ever since the Texas Hold’em online poker boom, the chances are you will have watched poker action on YouTube in years gone by.

Instead of having to put up with streams in 480p or even 360p, the PokerStars TV app gives users access to full-length shows and interviews with some of the world’s best poker players. It showcases the biggest offline and online tournament action.

PokerStars TV is only accessible to those with fourth and fifth-generation Apple TVs.

4. Udemy

E-learning is becoming all the rage. Students young and old are increasingly enjoying the flexibility that online courses offer, allowing you to fit your learning around your existing work-life balance.

Udemy is an app that features over 80,000 carefully curated courses spanning a host of different sectors. Whether you want to get into coding, make-up art, photography or personal training, Udemy will have a course to suit that can be consumed at your pace through your Apple TV.

5. TED

If you enjoy watching thought leadership discussions and seminars, you can be inspired through your Apple TV via the TED app.

You can watch the latest TED talks via the app, with a continually growing library of 1,900-plus talks available to stream as well as hundreds of playlist collections.

For those with TED.com profiles, it’s also possible to hook up your profile to your Apple TV account, allowing you to queue upcoming TED talks to watch at home.

6. Nest

Smart home security is one of the latest additions to the Apple TV, thanks to its collaboration with Google Nest.

The impressive security cameras for indoor and outdoor environments can be viewed in 1080p high-definition via your Apple TV, which is handy if you’ve been away for the weekend and want to look back at any video history.

The app is free to download and synchronizes immediately with your smart home products.

7. Kitchen Stories

Kitchen Stories apple tv app

Fancy yourself as a bit of a chef If you regularly host family and friends and you want to become the host with the most, you can use your Apple TV to provide you with some much-needed culinary inspiration.

The Kitchen Stories app can teach you everyday kitchen skills, like how to make smooth gravy or how to butterfly meat perfectly, as well as a huge library of recipes with easy-to-follow tutorials.

Of course, this list merely scratches the surfaces of what’s available on Apple TV, but it does underline the broad spectrum of entertainment and activities that your television can support throughout the household.



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