5 Best Online Course Platforms in 2022

The e-learning market is growing exponentially, and its revenue will grow to $325 billion by 2025. If you decide to share your skills and knowledge with others and make money, you probably need a decent platform to create a course and share it with students.

With so many services, the choice may be tough. But this article will help you make the right decision. Move on and explore features of professional platforms and a list of the best solutions for today.

What Is an Online Course Platform? 

Online course platforms are special tools for creating and managing learning programs. Pupils can study in a virtual environment using different forms of materials like video, audio, text, quizzes, whiteboards, and more.

Learners examine materials, do exercises, take tests, get grades, and finally, certificates on these platforms. 

There are different online course platform types, including:

  • Dedicated platforms enable users to create their own courses. For example, Teachable, Thinkific, and Learnworlds.
  • WordPress plugins help incorporate courses into a teacher’s website, like Learndash.
  • Online learning platforms are perfect for selling courses for reasonable prices but without full control over the learning process. 
  • All-in-one platforms provide creators with many features for teaching, like webinars and email sequences. For example, Yondo, Podia, and Systeme.io.

Features of a Professional Online Course Builder Platform

Paying attention to these aspects of a decent course platform will help you achieve success.

Course Building Features

When you decide to create an online course, you should outline what assignments, quizzes, and payment options will be included. And when choosing a platform, you will search for these specific features and make the right choice at once.

Interface and Support

The platform for building a course should be easy to use both for you and your students. A user-friendly interface speeds up the work process and makes studying more enjoyable. There should also be good customer support for resolving any issues. 


Before starting creating the course on a platform, you should check its terms and conditions. A professional service has flexible regulations so that a user can modify their courses, tailor them to students’ needs, and change the video format easily with a video converter to MP4 if needed after their creation. 


When seeking what platform to choose, consider your budget. Course platforms can charge a certain percentage from sales, so make sure it’s affordable to you and there are no hidden fees. 


If connecting with third-party platforms is important for you, consider the service you choose that supports integrations. You will be able to connect the course platform with CRM software, and social media marketing tools if you want to promote and sell it on TikTok

Best Online Course Platforms

It’s time to explore these incredible online platforms where you can create and sell your courses. 

#1 Thinkific

Thinkific is an all-in-one platform for creating engaging courses. It has a straightforward interface for fast and effective course creation.

Besides, users can build a website on this platform for selling their courses. It is open for third-party integrations for promoting your course. Thinkific provides constant support and plenty of advanced features for an exceptional user experience. 

It is impressive, but there are as many as 100 million courses taken on this platform. And you can easily do it by starting a free 30-day trial.

You can get a pro plan for $99 per month and benefit from customized assignments, quizzes, surveys, 100 hours of video content from past Thinkific summits, coupons for course promotion, and more. 

#2 MemberPress

MemberPress is a membership plugin for your WordPress site. It helps users create, manage, and sell their courses easily. This platform is completely secure and has strong customer support.

MemberPress integrates with many different third-party services and software. You can see hundreds of positive testimonials on their website. 

If you want to become a part of this vibrant community, go to the site and choose your plan. The basic plan is good for beginners.

It costs $179 per year and allows users to create unlimited courses for unlimited members. The most popular plus plan costs $299 per year and is perfect for entrepreneurs and freelancers.

You can benefit from all basic features and advanced marketing integrations. The Pro plan for $399 offers premium support and advanced features. 

#3 Learnworlds

Learnworlds is a platform for monetizing your skills for free. You can build a high-converting website quickly with hundreds of customized templates.

It is even possible to create an app to reach a larger audience. It is flexible, supports third-party integrations, and has a friendly support team.

You can benefit from diverse learning activities, including audio, video, ebook, quiz, assignment, certificate, slideshare, etc. 

The platform is available under three plans for affordable prices. The starter plan is for newbie creators and costs $24 per month. It has basic features, customer support, and fees per course sale.

Pro Trainer costs $79 per month and has no transaction fees. Create unlimited pages, courses, popups, live classes, and webinars.

With the Learning Center for $249, you can benefit from advanced features and premium support, and onboarding. 

#4 Teachable

Share what you know with Teachable for free. This platform has been used by more than 100,000 creators, and their number keeps growing.

People choose Teachable for best-in-class features that enable you to build, grow, manage, and support your courses. You can connect to the platform-tools you like. There are also incredible student-side features allowing them to comment, take quizzes, and get certificates. 

You can create as many courses as you want and promote them effectively on Teachable. It is a versatile platform in terms of payments, so course creators can set up trials, subscription payments, installments, etc.

There are four straightforward pricing plans: free, basic, pro, and business. Consider that they charge fees on sales from 1 to 10% if you use a free or basic plan. 

#5 Podia

Podia is an e-learning platform for selling and marketing your courses. On this platform, you can easily sell online courses, digital downloads, webinars, and more.

Here you will get the opportunity to create a custom website, using a Podia subdomain. There are also powerful built-in features for email marketing.

You can easily engage with customers due to an on-page chat widget. Users can even launch their own affiliate programs.

Every user is offered a 14-day free trial of any plan they want. There are three plans with monthly and yearly subscriptions.

The Mover plan costs $33 per month and provides a custom website, email marketing, customer messaging, unlimited courses, downloads, and coaching products.

Shaker costs $75 per month and gives you unlimited webinars and affiliates in addition to the above-mentioned features.

Choosing Earthquaker for $166 users will also benefit from priority support, onboarding calls, and monthly creator calls. 

Final Thoughts 

Now you see that creating your course is much easier with professional online platforms. You just have to determine your needs and select the appropriate service. We hope that you will select the best course platform and share your valuable experience with the world!

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