When Chile Eliminated Itself From a FIFA World Cup

Chile is a country that always struggles in qualifying for the different editions of the FIFA World Cup. Currently, the popular bet company 1xBet offers tons of possibilities to start wagering on that amazing championship.

While other teams like Argentina or Brazil always qualify, Chile must constantly fight to secure a place in the competition.

What happened with the Chilean team in the qualifiers for the 2018 FIFA World Cup is unbelievable. It can be said that Chile eliminated itself from the competition. The 1xBet company is a popular site to place a bet on all qualifiers played in South America.

A player on the wrong national team

To understand how Chile effectively eliminated itself, we need to consider defender Nelson Cabrera. He was a player born in Paraguay but who obtained Bolivian citizenship, which allowed him to play for the Bolivian team.

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Here three teams are involved:

  • Chile;
  • Bolivia;
  • and Peru

During the South American qualifiers for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Chile faced Bolivia in home and away matches.

The match in Santiago ended 0-0, while the Bolivians won 1-0 in La Paz. All the matches played by these two squads can be wagered on the 1xBet website.

However, the Chileans discovered a problem with Cabrera, who played in the 0-0 draw in Santiago. Apparently, a lawyer discovered that the documents that allowed the defender to obtain Bolivian citizenship didn’t fulfill all the requirements.

For this reason, the Chilean football federation quickly protested the decision and asked to be awarded both contests.

A big oops

If successful, this appeal would give Chile two extra points, which they desperately needed to qualify. The 1xBet iPhone application can be used at any moment in order to place wagers on all matches played by Chile.

The appeal was successful. The 0-0 score in the match played in Santiago was changed to a 3-0 win for Chile.

However, Peru also decided to appeal. Bolivia had defeated the Peruvians 2-0, and Cabrera was present in that match. Their appeal was also successful and they were granted three extra points.

The problem for Chile was that after their two extra points, and the three extra points obtained by Peru, both teams were tied in fifth place. However, Peru had a better goal difference, meaning that they secured a place in the intercontinental play-offs.

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It was discovered that if Chile had never presented the appeal, they would have secured fifth place instead of Peru. That’s a big oops.

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