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What is Cardless Withdrawal?

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You may never have thought about the importance of cardless withdrawal, but there may be a need to withdraw some money on days when you don’t have your card handy.

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On days like that, what do you do?. Many of us would never think it possible to get money without an ATM card,  at least, not unless you are doing a transfer using your bank shortcodes or your mobile bank app.

But thankfully, smart banking is now available, and you never have to be stranded again if you don’t have your debit card handy. Say hello to careless withdrawal.

What is cardless withdrawal?

Cardless withdrawal is the opposite of an ATM withdrawal. This means that you can make a withdrawal from your bank ATM without having or using an ATM card.

Meaning you shouldn’t have to join the long queues just because you need to make a withdrawal, and your card isn’t handy.

Guarantee Trust Bank cardless withdrawal

With GTBanking, there is very little short-term recall. With the GTBank *737# short code,  you can do almost anything you want.

Dial the shortcode : *737#

Click on 8 for “Next Page”

Click on the option for careless withdrawal “Withdraw without card”  which is the first choice (on the following page)

Choose to make a withdrawal from “GTBank” or from “other banks.”


Type in the amount you want to withdraw

Type in the last four digits of your ATM card

Type in OK

In less than five minutes, your GTBank Reference PIN will be texted to your phone.

Go to the ATM of the bank you want and click on “Cardless Withdrawal,” you will be prompted to type in the Reference PIN, followed by the amount of money you want to recover for confirmation.
Collect your money!

Diamond/Access Bank Cardless withdrawal

The Diamond Access Cardless withdrawal is only available to you if you have registered for the service. The service allows you to use the Diamond Access ATM without making use of your debit card. This service is called Magic Cash.

Register for the magic cash service at Diamond Access Banks or contact their call center at 0700-300-0000

Text ATM at 30811 using your registered phone number that is connected to your account

Within a few minutes, expect a six-digit magic code that will be generated and sent to your device as an SMS

Access the Diamond Access Bank wicket and click on the Magic Cash option


Type in your registered phone number using the Nigerian prefix +234

Type in the six-digit magic code that was sent to your registered phone number

Create your four-digit magic PIN code and confirm the four-digit code (You have to create a magic PIN code at the first transaction specifically because it is what you have to type in for subsequent transactions). Continue your transactions and collect your cash.

Withdraw with Fidelity Cardless

Make a cardless withdrawal from a Fidelity Bank, do follow these steps:

From the number registered with your Fidelity bank account, type in * 770 * 8 * Value #

This will need you to create a unique PIN to use whenever you need to make a withdrawal from the ATM.

Type in your instant PIN code and confirm the financial transaction.

A payment code will be generated and sent to your mobile phone.

The Instant Banking Service code of *770# for the first time, you have to register by dialing *770#).

At the ATM, punch any key on the ATM or press Enter


Choose PayCode, Dial4Cash, or Cashout

Type in the 4-digit PIN you have earlier created.

Type in the access code that was sent to your mobile phone.

Type in the amount and collect your Cash.

Standard Chartered Bank Cardless withdrawal

To make use of the Standard Chartered free card service as a Standard Chartered Bank customer, visit the Standard Chartered site.

Transfer the amount you desire to your phone number (or to the recipient’s phone number, if you are sending it to someone). After the bank transaction, you will immediately get an order number or a receipt that has been sent to the ATM.

At the same time, you will get an SMS containing a PIN number, which you will be required to provide at the time of your return or the recipient number (the order number is similar to that of your receipt).

The recipient is required to visit a standard chartered bank ATM or the ATM of the approved bank (make sure to use the same ATM if you want to pay the cash by yourself).

Type in your unique PIN, with an order number, a mobile number, and the amount of money. After you have completed the verification process, the funds will be sent to the recipient.

Note: This standard chartered service is only valid between the next 24 hours of the transaction, you will not be able to use it if you exceed the time interval.


Now that you know how easy it is to make cardless withdrawal anytime and anywhere. All you have to do is follow the instructions above and get what you want.

Please do not hesitate to leave a comment or suggestion below. We look forward to hearing from you people.

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