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How to Delete Your Google Home Voice Recording From Google Servers

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Smart speakers popularity has risen over the years as Amazon Echo, Apple HomePod and Google Home dominate the stage. Mainly used for playing music, these smart gadgets have grown into reliable devices meant for controlling the smart home and also answering questions.


These speakers usually have microphones on active listening that waits for a ‘wake word’ or ‘wake phrase’ that turns on full listening mode. Google Assistant makes use of ‘Okay Google’ or ‘Hey Google’ to turn on full listening mode.

But Google ( has the habit of storing your recording (even background recordings). This is done to learn more about you and also serve the best answers and ads. Also, they (Google, Amazon) don’t delete your data except you do it yourself.

You can delete the history of all that you have said to Google Assistant via Google Home or your smartphone.

How To Delete Google Home History

The following are ways you can delete Google Home history from Google servers

STEP 1: Login To Activity

Login to your Google Activity fed by visiting myactivity.google.com. This is the easiest way to find your recordings. You can also visit your activity page logging into your Google account via Google.com.

Click your picture located at the upper right and navigate to Google Account > Personal Info & Privacy > Manage Your Google Activity. Click Go to My Activity

If you use your phone the steps are almost the same. On iOS, click your avatar and navigate to Google Account > Personal info & privacy > My Activity

STEP 2: Filter Activity


The My Activity page contains every info Google has on you. This includes sites visited, the apps launched and Google Home recordings.

For voice recordings, use the filter below the search field, where it says ‘Filter by date & product.’

Set the date to ‘All time.’ Uncheck ‘All Products‘ and check Assistant and Voice & Audio.

STEP 3: Listen To The Recordings

This step is kind of painful as people hate to listen to recordings of their voice. But this is helpful if you just want to delete specific records.

Each individual entry on the page has its own menu. It is indicated by the three-dot menu. Clicking on it shows you which device or app heard the command. Tap delete and confirm to delete.

STEP 4: Delete All The Recordings

Using Filter by Google Assistant and Voice and Audio allows you to delete a whole day of recorded data.

But to delete all data, click ‘Delete Activity By’. this link is located in the left-hand navigation. Use the ‘All Time’ option when you set the time. Pick Assistant or Voice and Audio and click delete.

Auto Delete Data


Google has introduced the automated deletion of collected data in some services. You can now auto delete location history and web & app activity.

In the smartphone, Google Assistant app, click your face in the upper right, then go to You > Your data in the Assistant > My Activity.

If you use a Desktop, go to Activity Controls. Scroll down and you’ll see cards for various activity types.

Tap a card, say Web & App Activity and set option for Choose how long to keep.


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