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How to Set Up Google Chromecast From Mac?

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Before the arrival of Google Chromecast, you need to have additional software to wirelessly send videos, photos, and audio from your device to your television through your Mac.

Chromecast setup on Mac is easy, this article will show you everything you need to know about Google Chromecast, and how you can set it up on your Mac to enable you to view content on a big screen in the comfort of your home.

Requirements for setting up Google Chromecast

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To broadcast audio or video wirelessly from your Mac to the big screen (TV), you will need Television, Chrome web browser, Wi-Fi network, Mac and Google Chromecast.

Step one: getting started

Before we get started, this is what is packaged in your Google Chromecast box; Google Chromecast, USB Type-A to USB Micro-B cable, Chromecast HDMI dongle, HDMI short extension cable, and Power supply.

Before you can use the Chromecast app from Mac, the physical setup (manually connecting your Google Chromecast to your TV without the use of Wi-Fi network) and the software setup (with the help of Wi-Fi network) needs to be done.

Physical set up

Connect your Google Chromecast to HDMI socket on the back of your TV, Insert your USB Micro-B connector into your Google Chromecast dongle, and connect the USB Type-A connector into a spare USB port on the TV

Having access issues? Don’t worry, use the short HDMI extender cable to the available or extra HDMI socket at the back of the TV

Now you are ready to turn on your television. Ensure your input source to the HDMI channel corresponds to the HDMI socket which the Google Chromecast is connected.

Easy isn’t it? Now let’s move on to the next step

Step two: Google Chromecast set up


To successfully set up the Google Chromecast, you need to connect Wi-Fi network on your Mac to connect the Chromecast.

Software Setup

Open your Chrome web browser and go to chromecast.com/setup, download the Chromecast DMG by clicking the blue Download button, install the Chromecast app for Mac and click the ACCEPT button

Note: by clicking the accept button, it means you agree to the privacy and terms. If you are not sure of privacy, kindly read through it before installing (accepting) the Chromecast

After clicking the accept button, the app will search for available Chromecast HDMI dongles

Is the search taking too long? Make sure the Chromecast is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Mac.

If it doesn’t resolve in seconds, check your Wi-Fi; switch your Mac’s Wi-Fi network to 2.4 GHz. Next, configure the Chromecast by clicking the blue Set Up button. The Chromecast has located the HDMI dongle when you see “ready to set up Chromecast****” on your screen. Click Continue

Choose your country to configure the Chromecast correctly

Make sure the displayed code on your Chromecast app is the same as the code displaying on your TV screen. Ensure you double check the codes before clicking that’s my code button.

Awesome! Your Mac and Chromecast are now connected. However, it is for configuration. You are just few steps away to Chromecast from Mac. Connect the Chromecast dongle to the Wi-Fi network, choose the Wi-Fi network and enter the password.

Note: you can personalize the default Chromecast name, to any name of your choice.


Next, you click Next to connect the HDMI dongle to the Wi-Fi network. When you are connected, a confirmation message will display on your Mac and television.

Congratulations! You are ready to cast.

Step three: set up Chromecast Mac

Once you have configured the Chromecast dongle to connect to the Wi-Fi network, you will get an invitation message from the Chromecast app to install the Chromecast browser extension.

Click the blue Get Cast Extension button, and then click the add button. A pop confirmation message will appear on the screen; Google Chromecast icon will appear in the toolbar.

Step four: How to use Chromecast on Mac

It is straightforward to set up Chromecast Mac. Click the cast icon in the Chrome browser toolbar to enable cast extension. The contents of the Chrome browser tab will show on your big screen (TV).

NOTE: Cast is operational when the icon is blue, and not grey.

Apps for streaming files from your device to Google Chromecast

You can stream BBC iPlayer, Google Play Music, HBO GO, Hulu Plus, Netflix, Pandora, Plex, PostTV, RealPlayer Cloud, Red Bull TV, Songza, Vevo, Viki, and YouTube. Please note that this list varies in some countries.

Can you stream videos from VLC to Chromecast on Mac?

Presently, there is no workable solution for VLC Chromecast Mac. However, there are free apps with the same features of VLC, available that will help you cast files from your Mac to Chromecast.

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