I Go Dye (Francis Agoda): Biography and Net Worth

I Go Dye net worth

Francis Agoda is a famous comedian that’s popularly known as I Go Dye. He is a famous television personality, a comedian, and a television host, and he has been seen in various television shows both locally and internationally.

In this article, we would be discussing the comedian I Go Dye and his Net worth.


  • Name: Francis Agoda
  • Stage name: I Go Dye
  • Date of birth: 4th of April 1979
  • State of origin: Abraka, Delta State Nigeria
  • Nationality: Nigeria
  • Net worth: $ 4.6 million

Who is Francis Agoda

Francis was born on the 4th of April 1979 In Abraka, Delta state Nigeria, and grew up in Warri, which is also in Delta state. His first Leaving Certificate was obtained in Ighogbadu Primary School in Warri, after which he received his West African Senior School Certificate (WAEC).

During his secondary school days, Agoda always had creative ideas and being the Zonal project manager of the Junior Engineering Technical Society (JETS CLUB).

There in the club, he was able to invent a few things, which include a radio transmitter, a helicopter, a hovercraft ship, and a battery table fan.

Like many before him, he was offered a scholarship to go to the USA to study structural engineer at the University of New York, but he declined the offer and chose to remain in Nigeria and doggedly followed his passion for becoming a comedian.

At that time, a career in comedy was one that was not fashionable, but still, he didn’t give up hope and ensured he became what he is today.

Due to his persistence, he was eventually called to join the Pres Literary Art Drama Debating Society (PLADDS), and he became its program director.

With the help of his friend I Go Save, he was able to perform a series of shows, presentations on the news on the local television station, Bendel Broadcasting, and some other television and radio station.

After many low-level shows, he finally got a chance and was called to perform at a club in Benin City, at the Prest Motel in Benin; there, he was offered one thousand nairas for every show.

From his shows at the Motel, he got another opportunity to do a show at the University of Benin, while performing at the show, he met a popular comedian Baba Kome, and he introduced him to Opa Williams, Opa happens to be one of the big shots that organized one of the biggest comedy shows in the country, and from there he started growing, and his path towards Limelight started getting clear with prospects.

Azuh Arinze of the National Encomium Magazine gave I Go Dye the opportunity of performing at the Pre-Reel Awards in Lagos in the year 2000; these events made his profile expand exponentially.

Opa Williams was at the Pre-Reel awards and got the chance to hear what I Go Dye had to offer. After he had heard him and saw what he had to offer, Opa was very impressed at this young man, and he immediately enrolled I Go Dye for the forthcoming Night of a Thousand Laughter.

After his appearance at the Night of a Thousand Laugh, he got a chance to perform at various big programs like the REEL Awards, and Amen Award in Lagos.

After many years of shows and performed on stage, the organizer Opa Williams declared I Go Dye to be the best and most outstanding comedian in Nigeria that had ever featured on the show.

The Awards he has won include;

  • African Best comedian
  • The Nigerian Diaspora organization of Europe-Spain Award for his contribution to the Nigerian Culture
  • The Nigerian Best Comedian Award (NES AWARDS)
  • Delta State Role Model of The Year 2017
  • Nigerian Best Comedian of The Year 2017
  • Niddo Spain Awards for his contribution to Nigerian Culture and Art
  • Ukaid and Youth Alive Foundation Ambassador Award on #MadAct make a difference Against Corruption Today, Which was dedicated to Nigerian Pensioners
  • Nigerian Army Civil Award with the complement of the Chief of Army of Staff Lt General TY Buratai
  • United Nation Development Goal
  • United Nation World Habitat Ambassador Dedicated to Hillary Clinton

Other Activities

  • he started his own brand I Go Dye in the year 2016
  • He marked his twenty years on stage, and his show was sold out at the O2 Arena
  • He had also had the chance to perform at the MTV Arica Music Awards
  • He performed at the 2018 National Council of Nigerian Traditional Rulers; this program had the Sultan of Sokoto, and the Oni of Ife in attendance
  • He is a United Nation Millennium Development Goal Ambassador


I Go Dye, grew up knowing what gun violence was, and he had been shot one time, losing some of his friends to the Ijaw and Itsekiri crisis.

This experience changed his perception on how he sees things, through that, he decided to champion a movement “Peace in Sight” it was a short documentary that was done in 2004 for the Nigerian Federal Government and the United Nations, to promote peace in rural and advocate for rural development.

Net worth

Like many other comedians, he makes good income annually, and his estimated be worth about $4.6 million.


I Go Dye is definitely one of the best out there, and he never fails to deliver outstanding pieces of work whenever he comes out to do his thing.

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