Learn How Trustly Sports Betting Really Work

A major advantage of gambling with any trustly bookmaker is its speed, as the money is credited to the betting account immediately after the deposit has been completed. 

It’s also very convenient in terms of security. Trustly is licensed by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority and therefore has to adhere to strict regulations. But, what else can this deposit method offer to us?


We’ve created this piece of text in order to answer several questions on this payment method, such as the following: 

  • What exactly is Trustly and How does it Work
  • Are There Any Fees On Withdrawals?
  • Will Deposits and Withdrawals Always be instant?
  • Overall Acceptance of This Method Amongst Bookies

You’ll also be seeing some interesting historical background on Trustly, where it comes from, and much more, so that you can be sure of what you’re really going after, and thus, guarantee maximum gains while betting on a legit bookmaker. 


Without further ado, let’s get things started!

What Is Trustly And How Does The Deposit At Bookmakers Work With Trustly?

The Swedish payment service provider Trustly serves as an intermediate station for transfers from the current account to the recipient.

This can speed up the crediting of the money because Trustly checks directly during the payment process whether the payment can also be carried out. 


If so, Trustly will let the user know that the money is on the way and can be requested from them at any time they want.

In order for the payment to be processed with Trustly, an account with a bank that cooperates with the payment service provider is required. 

While the users have to wait with the classic transfer until the banks involved have fully processed the transaction, the Trustly payment can be credited immediately; because it guarantees users that they will be receiving their due money. 

So, yes, deposits will always be credited to your betting account at the same time you complete the transaction. This helps a lot, especially if, in a hypothetical scenario, you want to place a spontaneous live bet while watching a game in the stadium. 

You could, for instance, compare the odds with several online bookmakers and then deposit with the bookmaker.

The bet can then be placed immediately after the deposit has been made. Trustly is now one of the most popular deposit methods and has displaced instant transfer from the top positions. 

A major reason for this is that the Trustly bookmaker can not only deposit with this method, but withdrawals are also possible.

We’ll discuss more on withdrawals processing time and possible fees in the next section of this article.

Trustly Bookmaker: Fees, Processing Time & More

While many other payment methods are often associated with fees, depositing with Trustly is free of charge at almost all betting providers.

Trustly itself does not collect any fees from the customer but can be subjected to handle fees from some specific bookmakers. 

So, answering your question, most gambling transactions made with Trustly will be 100% with no fees. The few ones that fees may be applied are on the bookmaker’s account, and not on Trustly themselves.

The deposit amount is credited within a few seconds. This is possible because Trustly uses the users’ online banking to ensure that the payment can actually be made.

The betting provider receives the confirmation and can post the credit to the betting account.

Once more, your gambling profit withdrawals with Trustly may take up to 72 hours in order to be completed. It happens due to the fact that you’re depending on the bookmaker to release your gains to your Trustly account. 

It usually takes less than the three-day period we mentioned beforehand. But we should always play safe, and thus, your betting gains will definitely be credited to your account within a 72-hour time. 

Conclusion: Our Experience with Trustly Deposits and Withdrawals

Trustly has grown in importance as a payment method for sports betting in recent years.

In contrast to other famous withdrawal methods, gambling withdrawals are also possible with Security is ensured by a license from the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, which is subject to strict conditions.

This means that users do not have to worry about their data falling into unsafe hands. The account details are not passed on to the payee so that they are not in danger even in the event of a hacker attack on the betting provider.

Trustly is well suited for spontaneous sports betting because the deposit is credited to the betting account within a few seconds.

Often the users can receive an additional bonus and thus have more money to bet on. To use Trustly, all you need is a current account with online banking.

Almost all known banks allow their customers to use Trustly. When you deposit with Trustly now, you can bet on a sporting event of your choice right away.


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