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Top 5 Best Panorama Apps for Instagram

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Facebook-child app Instagram keeps adding new features to its platform regularly. Whether it’s a cool Nametag feature or the new quiz sticker feature, this photo-sharing platform keeps surprising its users.

Even with the updates, the app is still far from perfect. Instagram yet doesn’t support panorama upload without breaking the photo structure, nor does it auto-analyze pictures and then suggest hashtags automatically.

Thanks to app developers, there are third-party apps to fill up those gaps. Panorama apps for Instagram work by diving the panoramic images into two or more parts with minimum or no loss in resolution.

So, all you have to do is pick up the right order and upload them on Instagram. It’s quite easy. You might be wondering: why not upload the original photo?

You should know that uploading it chops off a lot of details from the image. And also, Instagram renders a panorama into a thin strip, taking away all the magic.

Now that you know the basics, let’s talk more about the best panorama apps for Instagram.

1. PanoraSplit

This app allows you to divide your photos into various sizes. Although in my option for mobile photos, dividing pictures into two parts is more than sufficient.

Also, as the number of grids increases, the snaps tend to lose its top and bottom edge, thus rendering your efforts futile.

This app is easy to work around.

  • Once you have opened it, click on Upload to add an image.
  • Next, select the image and choose the number of grids.
  • It takes a while to process after which you can open Instagram to post the picture.

As mentioned above, the app is relatively basic and manages to get the work done. There is a set back while using the app that is it continuously pushes you to upgrade to the pro version after using it twice.

Also, you may find a couple of full-screen ads while using the app.

Note: Keep in mind that for you to have a uniform look on your image before applying any photo effects or post-processing. Download PanoraSplit here

2. Coolgram

This app is almost similar to PanoraSplit except for the fact that it comes with other features. When it comes to slicing the panorama, Coolgram allows you to divide an image up to 10 slices.

Along with that, if you want to rotate an image, the options can be found at the bottom.

One good thing about this app is that there is minimum loss in resolution. Also, it also displays the result at the end thereby allowing you to see if the image needs any fix.

Unlike PanoraSplit, Coolgram wraps a couple of additional features. First of all, you can divide an image into any number of the grid. You may find this handy when you want to display a full picture on your Instagram profile.

But if you still want to post only square pictures just like in the good old days, you can do so through the Square option. However, I feel Instagram’s Fit to Window tool does justice to this by reducing an image to a square.

Coolgram comes with ads, and there are no annoying prompts. Download Coolgram here

3. PanoramaCrop

Compared to the two apps above this might be considered to be the best among them because of its feature-rich.

After you have chosen the number of slices, it gives you three other options Swipeable Post, NoCrop Post and Grid Post.

You can decide to give the individual images a square shape or a rectangular shape. Aside from that, you can rotate the image to maintain the perspective. However, the feature you would love most is Fit to Screen.

This tool ensures that not much of your photo is wasted. All you have to do is to tap on the third option and then drag the slider left. However, you have to take into account things like slices and the width of the panorama. You get my point.

Furthermore, there’s a little loss in resolution, and the naked eye won’t see any difference in quality. Download PanoramaCrop here

4. Unsqrd

If you are an iPhone user, you may want to try out the Unsqrd app. All you need to do is to upload the image from your gallery, and the app will pick up a suitable number of slices. But if you want, you can also pick the number of slices as per your preference.

It has a handy ‘Upload to Instagram’ button that opens Instagram for you to post the image directly. And of course, you would have to grant the app permission first. Download Unsqrd here

5. Panoram

Another panorama app for iPhone users. One of its features to slice photos and not just Instagram posts but also for Stories.

Its user interface is clean and clutter free, with only the elements needed to create a Swipeable post. Panoram splits your picture into three by default.

So you will have to move the picture around for you to choose a sequence. To change the aspect ratio, you have to tap on the icon at the upper-right corner and select the one you like.

Have it in mind that resorting to the square size removes some of the top and bottom frame. Panoram is free on the Apple App Store though it comes with in-app purchases.

You can upgrade to the pro version (paid version) which allows you to split images to 5. Download Panoram here. With the help of third-party apps, uploading images and stories have now become a child’s play.

Whether you are creating a beautiful collection of templates for Stories or building a customized sticker pack or you are going hunting for the right captions, these apps bring a lot to the plate.

Tell us what you think about this article. Share with us your favourite Instagram feature and why it’s your best feature. Tell us by using the comments section below.

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